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Cisco reinforces its program in favor of a sustainable future

On the occasion of Earth Day, Cisco announces new actions and programs to help customers and partners reinforce their eco-responsible commitment. The company points out that the technology sector is responsible for generating between 2% and 4% of Greenhouse Gases (GHG); but its solutions have the potential to eliminate 15% of current emissions, contributing to the transition towards a digital and green way of living and working.

Internally, Cisco has committed to achieving zero GHG emissions by 2040, moving 10 years ahead of the date considered critical by experts. The goal affects all areas, including the use of its products, sales, operations and supply chain.

The company already uses 100% renewable energy in several countries around the world[ii], and 85% in the rest. The commitment also involves reducing waste, designing more efficient solutions and promoting recycling and the circular economy, in addition to limiting all GHG emissions related to the supply chain by 30% by 2030.

collaborative innovation

Cisco is also a member of the EU Green Digital Coalition, collaborating with its customers and partners to create a sustainable future. The Cisco Foundation is investing $100 million in climate solutions by 2030, the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge rewards eco-responsible projects with $1 million a year, and Cisco Spain has just held its biggest sustainability hackathon.

Two years ago, Cisco also created the Green&Blue concept, a robust strategy that combines sustainability (Green) with digital (Blue) to help customers and partners drive a more digital and sustainable future. And in advance of World Earth Day (April 22), the company has announced innovative new programs and actions, including:

  • Send IT Back, a mobile application to return hardware for free, simply and sustainably for repair and reuse, extending its useful life. Currently, Cisco already reuses and/or recycles 99.9% of returned products.
  • Cisco Green Pay, a new ’round’ payment model where customers don’t buy the equipment, but use it and then return it free of charge at the end of the term they choose.
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The new Cisco Sustainability channel specialization, which includes tools, training and incentives for Cisco partners to better advise customers to adopt more eco-responsible products and reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to this collaborative innovation, Cisco’s strategy towards its ‘net zero’ goal includes continuing to increase the energy efficiency of its products, accelerating the use of renewable energy, adopting hybrid work and continuing to integrate the principles of sustainability and circular economy.

“No one can do it alone. It is necessary that we all work together to achieve an ecological, digital and inclusive future”, highlights Andreu Vilamitjana, General Director of Cisco Spain. “Suppliers, customers and partners must respect natural resources and use them efficiently to make a positive difference in the great challenge of sustainability”.

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