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Citizen Assembly: Podemos will conclude the process to succeed Pablo Iglesias on June 13 | Elections in Madrid 4M

Ione Belarra and Pablo Iglesias, in a file image.
Ione Belarra and Pablo Iglesias, in a file image.GETTY

Podemos will hold during the months of May and June the fourth Citizen Assembly to elect the successor of Pablo Iglesias as head of the party’s general secretariat, the result of which will be announced on Sunday the 13th. The Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra , to date responsible for the Secretariat for Executive Coordination and Sustainable Development in training, is emerging to replace the former vice president.

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Through a video, the organization secretary of Podemos, Alberto Rodríguez, has communicated the opening of the process to succeed Iglesias, whom he thanked “the leadership exercised in the political space that has allowed us to be where we are today”, with “Great consequences for him and his environment.” “A while ago this was unthinkable,” he stressed. The head of the list for Madrid announced the decision to leave his positions last Tuesday, after the results of the elections in the Community that gave broad support to the PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso -65 seats-, and meant a failure for the left. With respect to 2019, Unidos Podemos increased its presence in the Assembly by three deputies – from 7 to 10 – but with the former vice president at the helm, the rise did not seem enough.

By resigning from the coalition executive, Iglesias had already begun to leave. As the campaign progressed and the projections of the polls did not move, his actions increasingly sounded like farewell, but in each interview he repeated that he still had at least two more years in charge of the party’s general secretary and that after the elections would be “wherever the citizens put it.” All the deadlines were blown up with his farewell speech.

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This Friday, the Coordination Council – as the body that makes up about twenty leaders is called – has agreed that the fourth Citizen Assembly (known colloquially as Vistalegre IV) will take place imminently between May and June. In the coming days, the party will publish detailed information on its website. “It will be, as always, a process participated by the citizens, that goes in the DNA of Podemos, in which thousands of people will be able to vote and decide how this new stage is configured,” said Rodríguez.

“These are complex and emotional days”, the organization secretary has also pointed out, for whom now “it is time for debate and reflection, both individually and collectively, in which each one of us values ​​where it is most useful for us to put all our militant strength , all our impetus and all our desire to transform the country ”.

The model chosen for the new leadership of the formation will be in practice a bicephaly. As Iglesias pointed out since he made public his decision to enter the electoral battle for Madrid, the third vice president, Yolanda Díaz, is called to be the candidate for the presidency in future generals. For her part, Belarra is emerging to be the person in charge of directing the party and, therefore, the strategy of future confederal alliances throughout the territory, in a project that would culminate the feminization of the party and would have a plurinational character, according to what has been said. transferred its surroundings. Belarra’s candidacy has not yet been made official, but party sources indicate that there is consensus on the matter and that the announcement will arrive in the next few days.

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