Thursday, October 28

Citizens expels Alicante senator Emilio Argüeso

The direction of Cs bases this radical decision that agitates even more the political board in the Community in which Argüeso has been able to breach the party statutes. They maintain that, recently, in institutional communication channels of the Senate, it has carried out public demonstrations with the intention of “Inflict significant damage” to the interests and image of both the party and all the affiliates. The party also attributes another offense of character “very serious” having offered, as they maintain, perks to positions and affiliates provided that they left the training and became turncoats. The internal regulations of the party, according to those of Arrimadas, make it very clear that the act of “incurring in any form of corruption in the exercise of institutional responsibilities or organic positions” will be sanctioned. For all these reasons, Cs has ordered the suspension of the condition of affiliate of Emilio Argüeso, since, «for the liberal formation, the principles and ideology of the party are rules shared by each and every one of the affiliates of the project, and that apply under equal conditions to all of them “, as expressed yesterday through a statement.

From the leadership of Cs they stressed that the suspension of membership carries with it the obligation to abandon his act as senator, as Argüeso promised in writing in the ethical letter he signed before being elected public office, according to the party statutes. In any case, from the training they affirm that Argüeso has guaranteed his rights as an affiliate, so he may present allegations and file appeals before the guarantee body. However, Senator Argüeso regrets that this news is nothing more than a “revenge” of the leadership led by Arrimadas for being one of the people related to Fran Hervías, and defends that he has not been involved in the motion of censure of Murcia and in the conversations with the defectors to continue maintaining the popular Fernando López Miras in the presidency of the region.

The message of discord

Emilio Argüeso also released a WhatsApp this Wednesday afternoon that he sent to the group of senators from the formation when Hervías was saying goodbye, in which he said: “Fran (in reference to Fran Hervías) you have been and continue to be my boss, I am up to the balls of so much idiot and I also think about what I am going to do, mainly because I am a civil servant and letting yourself be raped is very scandalous. In his opinion, this has been the message that has upset the management and that has motivated what he considers an expulsion attempt: “When Fran Hervías said he was leaving, I sent that message and now they are trying to get revenge for that. Nobody has any proof that I have had any contact with the Murcia motion. I invite the management and anyone who has this information to remove it, because they have put me in the way when it was a mistake. This makes no sense», Transferred yesterday to this newspaper. Emilio Argüeso was annoyed with the management and stressed that Inés Arrimadas is cornered. It remains to be seen if the maneuver of the Citizens’ leadership to remove one of the militants with the most weight in the Community has consequences at a time when desertions with an eye on the PP and the threats of abandonment are beginning to multiply all over the country.

From ally of Ximo Puig to whip of the left

The former leader of Cs does not rule out campaigning for Ayuso and says that he will seek to move the vote against the PSOE

He announced that he was leaving all his positions, that he did not believe in the Arrimadas project and that politics had disappointed him. He assured that he would move away from parliamentary activity to resume his acting career, and when not even 24 hours had elapsed since those statements, he starred in a new script twist to back down, once again. And in those, the already ex-coordinator of Cs in the Valencian Community said yesterday that does not rule out campaigning for the popular Díaz Ayuso in Madrid. Even that he will participate actively to convince voters not to vote for the PSOE. To the same socialism with which a few months ago he sat to negotiate budgets in the Valencian Community and later, in a new change of strategy, accuse him of all the evils that have occurred and for having in autonomous territory. The crusade of the new version of Cantó, the one that repudiates Arrimadas and his entourage, will now focus on “preventing the Community of Madrid from falling into the hands of socialism and communism.” Their mission will be to avoid “being taxed or made to close their business.” For this reason, in an interview on esRadio, collected by Europa Press, he warned: «I am going to dedicate myself to active campaigning. For now, I will be in my networks, in the media that invite me or wherever to remind people what the PSOE has said in the Valencian Community “, referring to the economic management of the Botànic. Whether he will do that or otherwise no one knows. Let’s see what it says today.

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