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Citizens fractures in Congress




The Citizens Parliamentary Group (Cs) begins to fracture in Congress. Deputy Pablo Cambronero, critical of the approach to the Government of Pedro Sánchez, leaves his group without leaving the seat and has requested its integration into the Mixed Group.

In a letter in which he denounces the “‘sanchista’ drift” of the national leadership of Cs, led by Inés Arrimadas, he explains the reasons that led him to make this decision.

He has already questioned party decisions such as support for the latest states of alarm and light the fuse that can fragment a parliamentary group of only ten deputies. Now nine. And it remains to be seen if Marta Martín follows in his footsteps, also unhappy with the party’s direction.

Cambronero assures that he will be faithful to the electoral program with which he presented himself and the situation in which Albert Rivera left Cs. However, at the 10-N elections, Rivera already appeared, lifting the veto against Sánchez at the last minute and opening to abstain to facilitate the formation of the Government.

Sánchez did not buy the ordago, with which Rivera, among other things, claimed to undo the Navarrese Government, dependent on Bildu, practically after conforming. In the electoral repetition, Cs lost 47 seats.

Cambronero denounces “a ‘sanchista’ drift” and a turn to the left for agreeing with the PSOE of Sánchez, despite governing with Podemos and agreeing with ERC and Bildu. Cs, although it has supported the states of alarm due to the pandemic -the last one, above all, with great internal opposition-, it voted against the General State Budgets, precisely because of the participation of the independentistas.

But the terrible management of the motion of censure in the Region of MurciaWith the loss of two autonomous governments as a consequence, it has caused Cambronero to say goodbye: “I cannot justify or defend these strategies or agreements that I do not share. If I see corruption, I denounce and I withdraw ».

Cambronero has regretted that “everything remains the same” after the Executive Committee on Monday, in which Toni Cantó resigned, and stands apart from his party without renouncing the act of deputy. “I will vote in conscience and under the principles that the electoral program that I defended consecrated to me.”

Cs asks for the minutes

In a statement, the formation of Inés Arrimadas has demanded Cambronero «That he submits his minutes for personal coherence and respect for ethical principles, as well as in compliance with the provisions of article 10.3 of the Statutes and the commitment assumed in its Ethics and Financial Charter, documents that include the commitment to leave the minutes if they leave the party for any reason ”.

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