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Citroën C3 and C5 Aircross: Ideal for a getaway

Citroën C3 and C5 Aircross: Ideal for a getaway

Citroën C3 and C5 Aircross: Ideal for a getaway

Citroën Citroënget muscle out and show off your SUV range with the C3 and C5 AircrossC3, ideal cars for a getaway, regardless of the terrain we have to face. The French brand responds to these new times by providing comfort and safety with some vehicles that already represent 30% of the brand’s sales in Spain.

The Citroën C3 AircrossCitroën C3 Aircross, manufactured in Zaragoza, has personalization as its main hallmarks, with up to 70 possible combinations outside, comfort and technology, with nothing less than 12 driving assistance functions.

The C5 AircrossC5 Aircross, on the other hand, represents a new way of understanding SUVs, open to the most sustainable innovations with its Hybrid versionHybrid version. Its extraordinary modularity allows you to configure your interior in 81 different ways and one of the largest trunks in its segment.

By design, customization and comfort both exude fresh air, adventure and freedom. Its behavior at the wheel, taking into account the different engines – four available in the C3 and 5 in the C5-, is excellent, satisfying expectations both on fast roads or on the most winding roads in the province of Ávila, where we were able to test them thoroughly, including varied stretches of land.

With all the attributes

Seen from the outside, both are SUVs without question. Both models offer a elevated driving position (128 cm and 133 cm in height respectively), with a ground clearance of 17.5 cm, in the case of the C3, and 23 cm, in its older brother.

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Both models can count on the intelligent Grip Control anti-slip system, which acts on the front drive wheels, ensuring the best grip in any circumstance, and allowing you to enjoy a comfortable adventure by managing the slip. The Grip Control has five operating modes (standard, sand, mud, snow and ESP off), which adapt the transfer of engine torque to the front axle and manage the braking system depending on the terrain. You can add the Hill Assist Descent, an aid on descents that improves safety on any type of surface.

In addition to offroad performance, Citroën SUVs add concepts such as comfort, connectivity, space, modularity and technology, thanks to elements such as its suspension of Progressive Hydraulic Dampers, its acoustic insulation, the wide interior space, the luminosity, the driving aid functions or the materials used in its construction.

Space and modularity

Both models also stand out because they are very spacious, making the most of its capacity in the passenger compartment thanks to its modularity. The C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross not only boast very spacious trunks, with up to 520 liters and 720 liters respectively, but also for the possibilities of adapting to any situation, thanks to elements such as its sliding and folding rear seats or its opening. The C5 Aircross can have 81 different possibilities of configuring the trunk.

In the security section, they resort to the more advanced technologies, with driving assistance functions that make driving easier, such as the Active Safety Brake, the Blind Spot Monitoring System, the involuntary lane departure alert, the Head Up Display or the Top RearVision rear camera. The Citroën C5 Aircross has innovations such as the Highway Driver Assist, the Adaptive Cruise Control or the Collision Risk Alert.

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