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Citroën: the professional range and more plugged in

Citroën: the professional range and more plugged in

Citroën: the professional range and more plugged in

Traditionally CitroënCitroën It has been a benchmark in the light commercial vehicle segment. His experience and leadership in this field will make him the target of his competitors. The brand has historically been a leader in the Spanish market, and with the evolution of the sector, the emergence of electrification and the growth of the importance of last-mile transport in sustainable mode, Citroën is once again a benchmark offering one of the most complete ranges of the market, placing 100% electric models on all fronts. From the smallest, the quad Which in its Cargo version, until ë-Jumper, its largest reference light commercial vehicle. In addition, the French brand also explores the field of hydrogen in a new evolutionary commitment of the group Stellantis. With this, the signature of the double chevron offers 100% electrification on the entire range of commercial vehicles.

Five models

The search for business solutions within the philosophy ‘Inspired by You All’ developed by Citroën, makes it possible to offer a tailor-made vehicle for every need on the market. The My Ami Cargo is the first stone of this universe 100% electric. The small quadricycle offers 45 km / h of maximum speed and a range of 75 kilometers. It has a 5.5 kWh battery and is charged from a standard conventional socket. The Ami cargo is the king of the last mile. It offers a loading area of ​​400 liters. It has a 260-liter modular storage structure integrated into the passenger seat and its payload is 140 kilos.

It is followed in the range of offer by ë-Berlingo Van. It is the quintessential Citroën van, heir to the legendary C-15 that also left the Vigo plant. It mounts a 100 kW (136 hp) electric drive. The 50 kWh lithium-ion battery is recharged in 30 minutes in a supercharger (for 80% of its capacity), being able to develop a range of 275 kilometers. The ë-Berlingo offers a useful volume of up to 4.4 cubic meters and its load capacity is 800 kilos.

Two batteries

The next proposition in the 100% electric segment of Citroën’s range of commercial vehicles is the ë-Jumpy. With this model, the brand has just won the award this year ‘Van Of The Year 2021‘, which he accredits as the model of the segment preferred by the international jury of professionals in the sector. It is a medium-sized van that has a useful load volume of up to 6.6 cubic meters, with a load capacity of up to 1,275 kilos. It offers two battery proposals, one of 50 kWh (the same one that is mounted in the Citroën ë-Berlingo) that allows it to reach about 230 kilometers of autonomy and the one of 75 kWh, which in this case delivers 330 kilometers of travel between charges.

The ë-Jumper is the giant of the range and is offered with four silhouettes (closed van, chassis-cabin, chassis-double cabin and platform) four lengths and three heights. You can choose between two types of 50 or 75 kWh battery. The payload reaches 1,590 kilos and the cargo volume in the largest model reaches 17 cubic meters.

But Citroën’s offer does not end there, and for those who prefer to alternate between professional and leisure use, the brand offers the ë-Spacetourer, which has a more versatile modularity and also comes with the offer of two batteries (50 and 75 kWh) and autonomies that reach up to 330 kilometers.

Hydrogen is already a solution to consider

Paths greater than 300 kilometers they account for 8% of commercial transport trips. A percentage that seems small but it is key if the company launches to electrify its fleet. In that sense, from the group Stellantis and with Citroën as a leader in the segment, hydrogen It is presented as one of the solutions to cover this professional environment.

The brand has just presented the ë-Jumpy Hydrogen. A fully electric light commercial vehicle that runs on two power sources: a 45 kW fuel cell (which produces electricity from hydrogen stored in a 3-cylinder tank at 700 bar pressure) and a 10.5-bar battery kWh that comes into operation as a reserve (allows about 50 kilometers) once the hydrogen tank is exhausted. Its autonomy exceeds 400 kilometers. The new ë-Jumpy is offered on the market in two body sizes, M (4.95 meters long) and XL (5.30 meters). This model is produced at the Stellantis group plant in SevelNorth with the development of the fuel cell carried out in Russelsheim (Germany) . It will arrive in Spain in the autumn of this year.

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