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City conquers the Premier after United’s stumble with Leicester

  • The ‘red devils’ fall at Old Trafford (1-2) and hand over the title to Guardiola’s team, which takes 10 points from their rival three days from the end

  • A header from Soyuncu certified the victory of the ‘foxes’, who added a valuable victory to establish themselves in the Champions zone.

  • “It has been a season like no other in the Premier League, the toughest,” said the Catalan coach.

It was basically a matter of time. The Manchester city has dominated with an iron hand Prime Minister and this Tuesday the title was confirmed thanks to the Leicester win at Old Trafford (1-2). The team of Pep Guardiola leads by 10 points to United manchester three days from the end. The alirón del City is a reality.

A header from Soyuncu In the 66th minute of the duel he certified the title of City, which will play the Champions final on the 29th in search of a magnificent triplet (before he won the League Cup). To the United the decisive appointment awaits you European League against Villarreal on the 26th of this month in Gdansk.

Guardiola’s Ninth League

Both Manchester clubs have completed a magnificent season. He too admirable Leicester, which took a giant step to participate in the next Champions League with the victory on Tuesday. Luke thomas advanced to the blue block (m. 10), but Greenwood put the tables five minutes later.

From Gea could not do much in the head of Stripe, that knocked down the box Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. United will host this Thursday Liverpool in the duel postponed by the invasion of the stadium in protest by the Super League. It is the seventh Prime of City history and the fifth in the last decade. Guardiola adds his ninth league in 12 seasons on the bench.

“It has been a season like no other in the Premier League,” the coach told the club’s media. “The toughest. We will always remember this season for the way we won. I am very proud to coach this group of players and at this club,” he added.

The most important title

“Showing the regularity they have shown this season, with all the restrictions and difficulties, is something very remarkable,” insisted the coach, highlighting the “resilience” and fighting capacity of his players.

Despite the fact that City will play the first Champions League final in their history on 29 May in Istanbul against Chelsea, Guardiola reiterated that the Premier League remains the great objective of each season. “At the end of the season it is the most important title for us. To achieve it you have to be there, every three days, playing against all your rivals at home and away. Just being the best of the best, week yes, week too, can to win this competition. It is an immense success “, insisted Guardiola.

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The brazilian Fernandinho, team captain, agreed with his coach on the importance of winning the championship: “The Premier League is the most complicated league in the world, all the games are tough. Winning it again is everything for me and the rest of the squad. Winning the Premier League is the highest ambition. It is what we dreamed of since we were young, being able to achieve it is a wonderful feeling, “he said in the club’s media. Outside the Etihad some fans immediately came out to celebrate the championship.

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