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City Council committee chairs announced and 12 leaders are Hispanic

Adrianne Adams, Speaker of the NYC City Council

Concejo Municipal NYC / NYC Council

A couple of weeks ago a renewed City Council of the City of New York, which for the first time in its history has a very large female majority, and the president of the local corporation, Adrienne Adams, announced that women councilors will be mostly, the leaders of the most important committees of that chamber, and a good part of them are Latin.

This was revealed by the new head of the Municipal Council, who has 51 members, who announced that the 36 committees and 5 subcommittees that will decide the legislative destinies of the City of New York, will have 24 women as presidents, (10 of them Latin), as well as 12 men, 3 of them Hispanic.

The councilor Diana Ayala, will be the president of General Welfare Committee, and will also be the vice president of the Municipal Council, a position recently created by the municipal body. Carmen de la Rosa will act as president of the Civil Service and Labor Committee, Carlina Rivera, will chair the Criminal Justice Committee, Amanda Farías, will manage the Economic Development Committee, Marjorie Velázquez, will be president of the Committee on Consumer Affairs and Licenses and Pierina Sánchez, will be the head of the Housing and Buildings Committee.

Also, the councilor Raphael Salamanca, will continue to command the Land Use Committee, Alexa Aviles will manage the Public Housing Committee, Sandy Nurse will be in charge of the Sanitation Committee, while the councilor Shaun Abreu will be in charge of the State and Federal Legislation Committee, Jennifer Gutiérrez of Technology, and Tiffany Cabán will chair the Committee on Women and Gender Equity.

The Councilor Francisco Moya, who also sounded strong to reach the position of president of the Municipal Council, will have the task of chairing the Recovery Subcommittee of COVID-19, while Oswald Happy, it will be in charge of the Parks and Fire Prevention subcommittee.

“I am grateful to serve the City of New York as Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, an opportunity I do not take lightly. I am honored by this responsibility to New Yorkers and am prepared to do everything in my capacity as president to shine a light on the rampant systemic inequities in these spaces,” she said. Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, who sounded for months like the eventual President of the municipal corporation, when speaking about her appointment. “We must center humanity for everyone involved in the criminal legal system, starting with addressing the massive public health crisis inside our prisons.”

the councilwoman Carmen of the Rose She was also grateful for being chosen to manage the Work Committee and highlighted that the Big Apple is at a crucial moment to take on this challenge.

“Our city is still reeling from a global health pandemic that has left workers in need of adequate protections and living wages. I look forward to building coalitions with our partners in organized labor to ensure that the collective bargaining powers of our city’s workers are strengthened and maintained, as we prepare our workforce for the challenges ahead,” said the Dominican-born politician. .

The City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, mentioned for her part that she is ready to carry out measures that favor and protect New Yorkers more, with a multicultural corporation that had never been seen in New York City.

This is the most diverse City Council in history, and the experiences and knowledge of each member will shape the important work of our legislative body”, said the new head of the municipal body. “I am confident that this City Council will work together to achieve our shared goal of providing strong oversight as a co-equal branch of City government and improving the lives of all New Yorkers. We are united and ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

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