Tuesday, August 3

City councils fear that the training of beach attendants will further delay their incorporation

JOSÉ RAMÓN GONZÁLEZ, ALICANTE SAFETY COUNCILOR: «It’s okay with ‘Puig-ads’ instead of doing things right. This plan is late and wrong »


Bravo explained that the training of these young people will be carried out from a «three-dimensional» perspective, with a telematics course Through the IVASPE platform, in which Emergency, Health and Tourism technicians will participate, given the triple function that the Generalitat expects these young people to perform on the beaches. The councilor also stressed that it will be “mandatory” and that it will give them “the necessary tools to give the best care and information to beach users.”

MÓNICA GÓMEZ, BENIDORM BEACH COUNCILOR: «We worked with tight deadlines but it will be almost impossible for them to start before the 17th»


Before the announcement of this training, which most populations do not know how and when it will be given, some municipalities showed serious doubts that the informants are hired and trained on time. And, as they did last week, they again expressed their discomfort about the delays and the lack of transparency in the information. Among them, those of Alicante and Benidorm, the two municipalities in the province with the highest number of contracts: 42 and 58, respectively.

XIMO PUIG, President of the Generalitat: «Young people have made an enormous effort during the pandemic and now we cannot fail them»


The Alicante Town Hall He criticized again that this plan has been launched “quickly and badly” and called “nonsense” the fact that, in addition to forcing hiring quickly, without knowing when the funds subsidized by the Generalitat will arrive and having to finance a part of the salaries, “now they announce a training course that will lead these informants to start working later, when the beaches are already full.” The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, stated that “the Generalitat’s ‘Puig-advertisements’ is fine”: “What they should have done is to do things well, and more so in the case of an issue that affects the beach safety, so that the informants were working from June 1 and not that they arrive when we are already in full season, “reproached the mayor of the PP.

For its part, the Councilor for Employment and Beaches of Benidorm, Monica Gomez, explained that the local government board has already approved the budget modification of just over 90,000 euros to cover part of the hiring and said that Labora has also sent the City Council the data of a score of selected, with whom it is now contacting to who present the necessary documentation. The mayor trusted that throughout this week all the staff will be selected and advanced that the idea of ​​the Consistory was that they could join the beaches on June 17, a forecast that could now collapse due to the mandatory training announced yesterday by Bravo. “If we were already working with very tight deadlines, with this 40-hour course it will be practically impossible for them to start before that date,” he lamented.


During the presentation of this plan, the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, stressed that this plan, which will have a investment of 4.5 million, «Places young people as protagonists of the economic and emotional recovery» of the Community after months of hard efforts: «Young people have made an enormous effort during the pandemic to avoid infecting their families and not being able to live this time with the intensity that your youth requires. Now we cannot fail them.

The head of the Consell stressed that this will be the only autonomy that during the summer starts a similar project to ensure safety on the beaches and also, the “municipal view” of the initiative, as it is the municipalities and not the Generalitat who hire the assistants. Therefore, the Minister of Economy, Rafa Climent, thanked the involvement of the consistories in this task and their collaboration with Labora.


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