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Ciudadanos restructures local groups after Catalonia’s electoral crash

Javier Gutiérrez, Toni Cantó, Teresa Ortiz and Adrián Santos Pérez, in an electoral act of Cs last season.  |  ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Javier Gutiérrez, Toni Cantó, Teresa Ortiz and Adrián Santos Pérez, in an electoral act of Cs last season. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

In its lowest hours after having suffered a hard electoral hit in Catalonia. This is how Ciudadanos is after 14F, having lost no less than 30 deputies in their main fiefdom. The results of the Catalan elections have had an impact on the political scene at the national level, and also in the Valencian Community, where the formation has just begun a profound restructuring. Those of Arrimadas have already begun to summon the affiliates so that they can participate in the elections of all the local groups of the Community for the appointment of the boards of directors. Despite having lost a whopping 30 seats, they attribute the collapse of the Catalan elections to abstention. However, the critical current has asked Arrimadas to make changes in the executive and in the party structure. At the provincial level, there are many voices that have spoiled the “nonexistence” of a real political project and the follow-up that during the last year and a half has been done to the PP, especially in the Diputación de Alicante, where the two orange deputies have not They have managed to increase their capacity for influence, nor have they asserted their crucial position as partners in the Government of Carlos Mazón. The internal crisis that the party is experiencing has also moved to the province and, amid criticism, the orange leadership has begun a profound process of renewal to show the new direction it wants to take.

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As of the call for the elections of all the local groups, the interested parties have 72 hours to present candidacies and next Saturday, February 27, the composition of all the boards of directors will be voted. The delegate secretary of the Organization of Citizens in the Valencian Community, Teresa Ortiz, has assured that “a new stage of renewal begins with all the guarantees of transparency and open to the participation of all members, who are the main protagonists in this process of decision “, alluding to the criticism received by the discontents, who have accused the high officials of closing the party and” not worrying about the bases. ”

Yesterday, the Secretary of Organization was in favor of «reactivating the work that is developed from the municipalities, fundamental to be in direct contact with the whole of society and to publicize our center proposals, always raised from moderation and democratic values and the defense of freedoms. Teresa Ortiz highlighted the importance of this process being carried out unanimously, throughout the Valencian Community and in a homogeneous way to speed up the constitution of the directives of the groups that will be in charge of representing Citizens in all municipalities. Ortiz wanted to encourage affiliates to participate in the open selection process: “Communication has taken precedence to guarantee the success of the call.” As he added, “in recent months more than 30 meetings have been held with people from all regions to explain the changes that will be applied based on the new internal regulations, resolve doubts and learn about their concerns first hand.” These meetings have been carried out by the provincial secretaries of Organization of Alicante, Chechu Herrero; from Valencia, Jorge Ibáñez; and from Castellón, Ernesto Doménech.

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Faced with the discordant voices of different militants, the party leadership considers it unlikely that there is an outbreak of rebellion and alleges that the executive committee is of recent creation. “You cannot focus everything on an executive who has barely started to work,” one of the senior Citizens officials assured this week. It was at the end of September 2020 when Toni Cantó was appointed the new regional coordinator of the training. Power has always been divided into three very defined sectors led by the Catalan Ombudsman, Toni Cantó; the deputy Jesús Gimeno; and the senator for Alicante, Emilio Argüeso. In the new management bodies, the balance remains balanced between groups. The new Alicante provincial coordinator, Javier Gutiérrez, or the substitute for Emilio Argüeso, Teresa Ortiz, are related to the Argüeso support group. On the part of Gimeno, his related person in Alicante is the provincial secretary, César Martínez, while the person in charge of Communication, María Quiles, is one of the positions close to Toni Cantó.

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