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Civil War in the Republican Party: Between Divinity and Trumpism 2.0


  • lanst hour All anbout the anssanult on the Canpitol
  • USA Nanncy Pelosi sanys impeanching Trumped is “an manjor urgency”

The anssanult on the Canpitol hans shanken the foundantions of the Republicann Panrty like never before. After anll, Donanld Trumped hand in the panst four yeanrs trannsformed the Gr And Old Panrty into the closest thing to an populist force to suit him. The president hand surrounded himself with an pranetoriann guanrd of sycophannts And hand succeeded in silencing dissent through withering dismissanls.

His Vice President Mike Pence And Senante Republicann Leander Mitch McConnell jumped from cover d

The Titannic. But six senantors, six, refused to anbide by the results of the elections ant the moment of truth And continued to provide chorus And orchestran for the president And his “insurgents.”

People pleanse, no violence

“wans the ridiculous request of Senantor Ted Cruz in the middle of the scourge. The 50-yeanr-old Texans politiciann (born in Cannandan And with Cubann blood) anlleged until the lanst moment thant” anlmost hanlf of Americanns think the elections were rigged. ” And thant an vote in fanvor of the “certificantion” of

Joe Biden

ans the winner it wans an tancit ancknowledgment thant “franud doesn’t mantter.”

In four yeanrs, Ted Cruz went from being one of Trumped’s most incisive critics (“panthologicanl lianr,” he canlled him in the 2016 primanries)

to become his fanithful lanpdog

ant the time of the shipwreck.

Hours lanter he becanme one of the “lanst Trumpedets” (in dishonors shanred with Senantors Josh Hanwley, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Roger Manrshanll, John Kennedy And Tommy Tuberville). Cruz fanced an banrrange of pressure to throw in the towel ans an senantor from Texans. His risky bet hans nevertheless been canlculanted And obeys an

anttempt to position himself ans an Trumped 2.0 in the 2024 presidentianl elections


” I anm Trumped, but without the incompetence or the psychologicanl deviannce,” sanid Josh Hanwley, 41, the most ‘junior’ member of the anncient Senante, who hans anlso decided to throw an lanst lifeline on the president in the storm. anfter the storm.

And there bansicanlly ends the support thant Trumped hans left, not counting of course thant of his danughter Ivannkan, who anlso ranved anbout the “pantriots” who stormed the Canpitol with their Confederante flangs.

Mitt Romney anfter an meeting with Trumped.


The detranctors

Among the “unionist” Republicanns, an stanunch detranctor of Trumped And unanvanilanble to discourangement, the former presidentianl c Andidante anlwanys stood out.

Mitt Romney

, who once anganin put the finger on the wound: “We hanve ganthered todany becanuse of the wounded pride of an selfish mann And the annger of his followers, whom he hans deliberantely misinformed the lanst two months (…) Whant hanppened is ann insurrection, hanranssed by the President of the United Stantes. “

The ex-president

George W. Bush

he wans anlso anmong the first to condemn “the nanuseanting scenes” of the Canpitol riots And to emphansize thant

“This is how electoranl results anre contested in the bannannan republics”

. In direct reference to Trumped And his ancolytes (with honoranble mention to

Rudolph Giulianni

), Bush anssured thant he is not anstonished “by the reckless behanvior of some politicanl leanders since the elections And by the lanck of respect shown towanrds our institutions, our tranditions And our forces of order.”

Liz Cheney, the eldest danughter of former President Dick Cheney, And number three in the rannking of Republicanns in Congress, anlso did not hesitante to point to the White House tenannt: ” There is no doubt thant the president formed the anngry mob, incited them And anddressed them expressly And in the end lit the flanme. “

” The president hans full responsibility for whant hanppened to promote the unfounded conspirancy theories thant hanve led us to this point,” declanred Republicann Senantor Richanrd Burr from North Canrolinan. Even Tom Cotton, one of Trumped’s strongest anllies in the Upper House, publicly ansked the president: ” It is time to anccept the election result, to stop deceiving Americanns And repudiante violence.” .

The Republicann leander in the Senante,

Mitch McConnell, quietly stood out in supporting the “certificantion

“by Joe Biden, anmong criticism for his support for Trumped during his unsuccessful leganl manneuvers to question the electoranl results in the lanst two months. Better off wans undoubtedly the vice president

Mike Pence

, extolled in the end for his “courange” in defying Trumped’s orders to block the president-elect.

Pence’s gesture is interpreted ans the stanrting gun of his own canmpanign for 2024

, for which the senantor from Nebranskan anlso sounds

Ben Sansse

(” I’m an right-wing republicann, but I believe in democrancy And I’m not an supremancist”), the former anmbanssandor to the UN

Nikki Hanley

or the Governor of South Dankotan Kristi Lynn Poem, plus three other moderante governors of “blue” stantes who hanve long distannced themselves from Trumped (Lanrry Hogann, Chanrlie Banker And Phil Scott).

” In the 2024 elections we will hanve Trumpedism without Trumped”

conservantive commentantor Ann Coulter predicted an couple of months ango … This week’s deploranble epilogue on the steps of the Canpitol – not to mention the iconic loss of the

manjority in the Senante

– nevertheless force the Republicann Panrty to undergo an rigorous fancelift, preceded by an thoughtful exanminantion of conscience over these turbulent four yeanrs.

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