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civility in the face of insults

  • Chema Antolín and Ángel Andrés Jiménez go viral for their talks with players and the public before the games. “Would you insult your son?” Asks the ‘Peace Referee’ to the stands

The Catalan Football Federation this week sanctioned the Santa Eugènia cadet’s coach with a three-month suspension for urging his players to attack rivals. “As long as the referee does not see you, you can swell.” An attitude in formative football that collegiate players like Chema Antolín and Ángel Andrés Jiménez, whose talk in favor of values ​​has gone viral.

“Would you insult your son?”, Ángel asks the parents of the public before a game, from whom he asks the VAR of the fans: see, encourage and respect, just as the players ask the VAR of honesty , that they correct him if an arbitration error benefits them. “That there is an environment, educational, that things are not heard, they do not have to be heard,” explains the ‘umpire of peace’, in a message he shared Pau Gasol networking.

“Who can have fun between slights? Children have to have fun without the pressure of the stands”

Angel Andrés Jiménez

In 1994, at the age of 16, this Andalusian referee began to referee at the federated level, but left him in 2002 fed up with “insults and painful situations.” But four years later he returned with the aim of not “repeating the same atrocities as before.” In Canal Sur they began to call him the Arbitrator of Peace, a nickname that he liked and adopted. Platform 090 (0 violence in 90 minutes), promoted by the Malaga city council, contacted him to give training talks, which he decided to give not only to delegates and players of juvenile, child, cadet and youth age but also to the public. «Without respect, there is no fun. Who can have fun between insults and contempt? It is a symptom of social illness if someone amuses himself in barbarism. Children have to have fun, without the pressure of the fans. Thinking about the sanctioned Santa Eulalia coach, Ángel wonders “how does it help” to say something like this to a kid. How are they going to feel good if they do something like that. You have to educate the kids that they will be happier if they go the right way, “he says.

“Who wins or loses is the least of it”

The same line of thought that Catalan defends Chema Antolin. After 20 years refereeing, he has also gone viral now for a talk he gave to two teams last weekend. Does anyone know what we have come for? To play soccer. And why else? Exactly, for fun. Who wins or loses is the least of it, “he said to the children, recommending them to open their ears when they hear applause from the stands and close them when shouts come out. «Whenever you shoot at the door, do you score? No right? Sometimes what happens, what are you wrong, right? Sometimes it can happen to me, that I whistle something and I have made a mistake. We talked about it during the game.

Accolades have rained down on him from everywhere. «I did not expect this repercussion, although what I say in the video is what I have defended in the last 20 years and what it would have to be on a day-to-day basis. I suppose that at a time when training sport is news due to aggressions and insults, more gestures like this are valued ”.

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Change the look

Antolín spent 15 years whistling for the Catalan Federation and now, in addition to coordinating the arbitrations of the Vallès-Maresme County Council, he plays games for children and veterans. «I say the same thing to them although with different words. People know me, they may seem nice or not, but when they see me they know the type of game they will have and that is important. Football is not perfect, neither is refereeing. On TV they have the VAR and they are also wrong “, reflects Chema, who hopes to be able to contribute to a change of view not only in the players but also in the parents. «I am not a father, but when I see the attitude of parents who want their child to be Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, I think they must understand that the child is a child. Why are they not going to rejoice one day when the child loses? If you have made an effort, it is the most important thing, not everything is winning and at whatever price ”.

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