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Clarissa Molina has a boyfriend and she said that he already gave her a ring!

End of singleness for Clarissa Molina She has a boyfriend and she said that he already gave her a ring!.. It is not about the character of his next film, but his real life, although he met his heartthrob just making his film debut.

After his segment in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Clarissa sat in the guest chair and said to Lili Estefan and Adal Ramones, who was replacing Raúl de Molina, I had something to tell you.

I have a boyfriend … I’m dating a gentleman, a wonderful man I’m super happy Lili, AdalShe started saying while she couldn’t stop smiling and blushing.

But this did not stop there, because He even gave his name and surname: Vicente Saavedra, whom he met three years ago when he made his film debut with Ozuna, and why there? Because at that time the Puerto Rican businessman was the manager of the light-eyed black man.

I met him three years ago and I said ‘wow, what a handsome man’, but everyone went their own way, we greeted each other when we saw each other, but we reconnect now during the month of May or June, in the Sovereign Award, is called Vicente Saavedra, isHe works in the music industry, we are super happyClarissa continued.

But if I have revealed so many details caught your attention, what followed will leave you open-mouthed because he already gave her a ring!.. Of course, Clarissa clarified that It is not a wedding engagement, but he explained that He gave it to her to give a formal framework to the relationship.

Let’s remember that Clari was dating a year ago and at the time she met the man who is now her beau, he was married, but in the reunion they had both returned to singleness. “God’s times are perfect”, said the Dominican actress and presenter.

Who is Vicente Saavedra?

He is a top executive in the music industry, where started when I was 16 years old helping the career of urban singers. Later founded his own record label, Dimelo VI, with which he launched Ozuna’s career and made it the current hit.

His professional relationship with Ozuna not only led him to become one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the industry under the age of 40, but to stay pointed out in the murder of ragman Kevin Fret, since the mother of the same accused the singer and Saavedra of being the ones who had supposedly ordered him to assassinate him.

At the time Saavedra appeared to voluntarily give a statement to the prosecutor, but no strong basis has been found to hold him accountable, so it was free of all suspicion.

And right now he is enjoying staying with one of the fastest growing and most beautiful talents in the Latino entertainment industry.



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