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Clarissa Ward and her team, evacuated from Kabul: “We are the lucky ones”


CNN Afghanistan correspondent lands in Doha after leaving the country with 300 Afghans

CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, in Kabul.
CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, in Kabul.WORLD
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  • Afghanistan Clarissa Ward: “I am not afraid for my life”

During one of her live connections with CNN after the Kabul fall, Clarissa Ward said that she had donned the chador to “adopt a low profile” that would allow her to continue reporting from the field “without becoming the news,” because the story He was in the despair of the thousands of Afghans terrified by the Taliban victory and its aftermath. It did not succeed. The reporter has inadvertently become a symbol and her chronicles have turned on social media, but her work has been interrupted: She has had to leave the country and was evacuated to Qatar last night.

“I just landed in Doha with the team and nearly 300 Afghan evacuees. Many thanks to all of you for your support and concern and to the US Air Force for taking us to Qatar and welcoming us. We are the lucky ones“Ward public this morning on his Twitter account.

Despite the tensions and chaos experienced in the country in the last week, especially in the vicinity of the Kabul airport, the correspondent for the American network has not stopped broadcasting and interviewing Afghans, witnesses of the terror imposed by the Talibn. . Hundreds of these civilians managed to overcome the frosty controls to access the airport and leave the country on the same flight to Doha, as she herself testified on Twitter with an image of the warehouse of the apparatus, crowded with civilians.

Evacuation has not been easy. According to the agreement between the international forces and the Taliban, Westerners have permission to evacuate their personnel until August 30, but it was best not to risk it as the Kabul airport has been closed in recent days due to chaos and crowds. that crowd outside to try to gain access. Last night was the fourth flight the CNN team was trying to board.

“The room pjaro where we were supposed to go up has just been removed. It’s going to be a long night, especially for those we’re talking to who have been here since last night. A woman just asked me for a blanket, so I gave her my scarf“Ward said in a tweet.

In his most recent tweet, following his flight from the country, Ward refers to one of the last of the many images that have gone viral since the Talibn entered Kabul last Sunday after hours of siege to the capital; that of an American soldier cradling one of the newborns who were delivered through the airport gates to bring them to safety.

“I witnessed several moments like this at the Kabul airport. A female soldier carrying a crying Afghan child. A marine holding an elderly man as he struggled to walk. The military rush a dehydrated newborn for medical attention . So many working so hard “, describes the reporter.

Clarissa Ward has witnessed an exception in her live shows, which sometimes lasted up to eight minutes, of the second Taliban era in Afghanistan and the panic and despair of the population. “It is heartbreaking to see how many lives are at stake, without a clear rescue at hand,” writes Clarissa Ward in the magazine. The Spectator about your experience. The truth is that his life has been at stake as well; during one of their connections repeated bursts of gunfire were heard and in another, she had to leave the place from which she was reporting, rebuked by the Talibn. “I’m not worried about my life, but I am very worried about theirs,” she says.

Her career as a correspondent has taken her to cover other conflict zones, but Afghanistan marks a before and after for Ward: “I have been on the front lines in Iraq, Syria and Libya and I have witnessed all kinds of crazy and implausible things. But I have never seen anything like what is happening in Kabul.”

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