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Classes will have simulators, touch screens or live cameras

There are 22 classrooms in 22 educational centers in the entire Valencian Community, in which the Ministry of Education will invest more than 1.2 million euros andn 2021, in an experimental program “that will serve as the basis for a new VET teaching and learning model”, sources from the Campanar department point out.

Thus, the selected institutes and public centers will change the usual structure of some of their classrooms in the coming months, to give way to technology as the protagonist.

In fact, according to Education, the centers must invest at least 80% of this subsidy to acquire goods and services and pay for small works to adapt the spaces, which must be flexible and modifiable according to the needs of each moment.

These classrooms, as detailed, may have simulators —to create spaces that are as similar as possible to real work environments—; as well as touch screens; projectors; collaborative whiteboards (for teachers to write and share content remotely or in person); cameras to perform live; microphones; and 3D printers, which had already started to spend some centers.

On the other hand, immersive reality systems are also introduced; virtual reality elements; holographic systems and applied artificial intelligence systems. In addition, the spaces will have ultra-fast broadband, WIFI and fiber optics, special furniture and a panel of images (wall-art).

Each one will receive 55,000 euros

For all this, each VET institute and center will receive 55,059 euros in the coming months – of the total of 1,211,298 euros that the Ministry invests – with which to modernize its facilities and reinvent its teaching, since they can also invest up to a 20% in methodological training of its staff.

Of the total of 22 institutes and CIPFP of the list, 11 belong to the province of Valencia and are: the IES Camp de Morvedre and Jorge Juan (Sagunt); CIPFP La Costera (Xàtiva); CIPFP Mislata (Mislata); CIPFP Faitanar (Quart de Poblet); CIPFP Chests (Chests); CIPFP Luis Suñer Sanchis (Alzira); IES Tirant Lo Blanc (Gandia); CIPFP Misericordia, CIPFP Vicente Blasco Ibáñez and Ciutat de l’Aprenent (Valencia).

Education details that the objectives of the investment are “to promote innovation, entrepreneurial culture, creativity and digitization of all centers that teach VET”, as well as to encourage students to work on active methodologies based on projects.

It should be remembered that a little over a month ago, the department headed by the minister Vicent Marzà published a call to create entrepreneurship classrooms in public centers, an initiative that will be sustained with 260,000 euros with the aim of promoting and giving the green light to ideas of students and recent graduates of Vocational Training.

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