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Classrooms closed by covid fall for the first time since the beginning of the course

In educational centers, temperature is still taken and distance is maintained.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

In educational centers, temperature is still taken and distance is maintained. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

For the first time since the course began, the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic has decreased in educational centers in the province, after the peak reached the previous week, breaking records at reach 5,000 students forced to serve quarantine ten days for contact with someone infected.

The weekly data provided by Education reveals a slight decrease in the number of closed classrooms in schools and institutes of the province due to the pandemic from the beginning of the course.

Of the 114 confined classes by order of Health until the previous week it has gone to 107, seven classes less at the rate of one average of 25 students. This data, added to the fact that the groups of students confined during the last seven days have been 78, nine fewer also than the previous week, leads to a total of 4,600 students affected in some way by the coronavirus, so the number has dropped for the first time. time.

In addition, there are 94 other classrooms whose students have also completed the process that they dragged from the forced quarantine in more than fifty centers.

The percentage of affected centers has also decreased very slightly, just two points, from 20% to 18% of the total of 638 schools and institutes in the province, but so far the figures have been “in crescendo.”

The improvement in the figures produced by the pandemic in the educational centers of Alicante is also seen in the comparison with those revealed by Castellón, because they are very similar when the latter province has half the number of schools and institutes of Alicante. Those affected in the province add up to 17.7% and in Castellón 16.1%.

The province of Valencia is educationally more affected, with the 24.1% of its educational centers affected.


From the majority union among teachers, STEPV, they have asked those responsible for education for a meeting to address “the current situation of the pandemic in schools, despite the fact that we are one of the territories that has the best control of the pandemic.”

Union delegates want to address with Education New measures. To begin with, they have decided to present “a battery of proposals” that aim to “further strengthen the levels of security currently present in educational centers.”

The teachers’ representatives claim that when a case is detected in any of the Community centers “more CRP tests be done”, in addition to considering that it is necessary to “increase the Public Health personnel to attend the educational centers.”

In the face of the cold, they also insist that classrooms should be equipped with CO2 meters. They also ask for “clear instructions on the ventilation of the classrooms and the use of heating”; and that different protocols are detailed depending on the different types of teaching, in reference to Special Education centers, artistic teaching centers such as Conservatories, or for students with hearing difficulties.

To address these issues together with the “situation of telework in quarantine cases”, they have requested to meet “as soon as possible”.

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