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Cleaning Tips | 10 germ-laden things you’re not cleaning (and you should)

Always, but more in these times, keep your home free and clean of bacteria It’s fundamental. And it is that surely there are objects or spaces in your house in which these types of germs accumulate and you did not even imagine it. Surely now that we are talking about this topic the garbage can or bathroom, but they are not the only places you should look.

Here we give you 10 things that you have to keep in mind that you must clean to get rid of these “bugs”.

1. Toothbrush

We generally do not think that a dental hygiene object can accumulate bacteria, but it is. Can contain up to 80 million germs and it is advisable to change it every month and, if possible, keep it away from the toilet.

2. Door latches

The door or drawer handles they accumulate quite a few germs. Many hands pass through them throughout the day, so, to protect them from bacterial agents, it is advisable to clean the doorknobs with a disinfectant spray and a clean towel, so we will avoid being attacked with the flu or another virus.

3. Scholarships

You have to be careful with any type of bag. The reusable bags, which are generally made of cloth, carry the germs of food bacteria. Bags and backpacks, when used in public spaces that are usually characterized by their little neatnessThey also accumulate germs. And what about the gym bag, carrying sweaty clothes after a long workout. If you wash the clothes, why not wash the bags too? Do this by putting them in the washing machine or with an antibacterial wipe.

4. Remote controls or telephones

As with doorknobs, these electronic devices accumulate many germs when passed from hand to hand. Thus, it is recommended that you clean them frequently.

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5. Sheets

Our body’s own germs, including the sweat, the saliva that you fall off while you sleep and bacteria from your feet that get on your socks can leave a lot of bacteria on your bedding. The most convenient is change the sheets once a week.

6. Hats, scarves and gloves

Generally, we do not wash these accessories as we would a t-shirt or pants, and that is a mistake. They are pieces that collect dust and bacteria as they are exposed when we dress them. Wash them more often.

7. Sink

Did you know that in the sink there are 100,000 times more germs than in the sink itself? We forget to clean it because we think that the dish soap is enough. But no. That space that you occupy as a deposit for food waste or to support dishes, also accumulates bacteria, so always keep it clean with chlorine or special disinfectants for the kitchen.

The sink accumulates a lot of germs Pixabay

8. Kitchen sponge or cloth

How is it possible that the element with which we clean our dishes is a nest of germs? You are right. The dishcloth or sponge fills up with foodborne pathogens and fungi, which can affect your health. To avoid this, change them every 3 weeks or every month. Although there is a trick to kill germs: put the cloth or sponge in the microwave for several minutes.

9. Brooms

Just like you clean your home, you also have to clean your cleaning supplies. When you get rid of the dust with the broom, you don’t realize that dirt is trapped in the bristles. Rinse the head of the broom in warm soapy water to get rid of germs.

10. Room between appliances

The small gaps between the fridge and the cupboard or between the cupboard and the wall they can accumulate a lot of dirt And that dirt is the sign that there are germs. Use the fine attachment of the vacuum cleaner to clean these corners.

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