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Cleaning Tips | Home remedies to get rid of the bad smell of the sink

Cleaning Tips |  The homemade method of unclogging the sink

Cleaning Tips | The homemade method of unclogging the sink

Surely you have ever had to suffer that pipe smell so annoying. This pipe smell usually comes out in the bathrooms but also in the kitchen room, and more specifically, in the sink.

The causes of this bad smell can be several. The siphons of the drains can accumulate remains of food, brushing your teeth, soaps and detergents, which can be the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria that cause this unpleasant smell.

It can also influence your pipelines are old. Stagnant water in them causes dirt to accumulate but also mold, which increases these stenches.

In your kitchen, the easiest thing you can use to try to remedy this problem is to use a filter so that the remains of food do not filter down the drain. There are also different products on the market to disinfect and clean pipes, but if you prefer a more natural option, here we propose a very simple one.

Home remedies to eliminate pipe odors

If you usually read our cleaning tricks You will know that there are two essential products that are used to clean (almost) everything: white vinegar and baking soda. Together or separately they can provide very effective and, above all, natural cleaning solutions.

To eliminate the bad smell of the sink you must pour half a cup of bicarbonate sodium in the drain. Then boil half a liter of water. When it is about to boil add a glass of White vinegar and stir. Now bring it to a boil. When you have reached the point, remove the pot from the heat and start pouring the water into the pipe little by little.

Mix vinegar and baking soda to unclog the sink. Getty Images

You will see how the effervescence begins when it comes into contact with the bicarbonate. The hotter the water is, the more dirt it will carry. We advise you not to pour water down the sink for at least an hour, so that the mixture does all the work. If you prefer instead of vinegar you can use the juice of a lemon or some essential oil that you like

Another of the most used natural remedies to remove bad odors is with café. Throw the coffee down the drain and do not turn on the tap for a couple of hours, you will see how you also get excellent results. And best of all, you will take advantage of the coffee that you have not drunk.

Cleaning tips

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