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Cleaning Tips | Three recommendations to make your clothes come out cleaner from the washing machine

Cleaning tricks | Using the washing machine well will prolong the life of your clothes

If your washing machine It is a drama at home, and it is no wonder. This appliance is one of the most used at home, since it makes life easier and it saves us a lot of time and also a lot of money. If you want to extend the life of your washing machine you will have to take care of her and pamper her.

Keeping it clean is not only a no-brainer but it will also help protect your clothes, but it will also help you use its different programs. This way you will be able to prolong the life of your washing machine but also of your clothing, since you will give it an optimal treatment.

To achieve this goal you have to follow these three tricks:

1. Use the washing machine well

Perhaps the most important point of all, is to know how the appliance works, in order to get the most out of it. To do this, it would not hurt to dust off the manual, which allows us to understand and optimize the washing machine. Understanding what each program is for will allow us to fully exploit all the capabilities it offers us.

It is generally advisable to clean the washing machine once a month, including the detergent and fabric softener compartments. The door and the rubber parts should also be cleaned with a non-abrasive product. It is usually recommended run a cycle with the drum empty, without clothing inside and with hot water. And the thing is, the washing machine also needs a little care so that it works correctly and its useful life can be extended much longer.

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2. Do not overload the washing machine

To achieve excellent results, it is convenient do not overload the washing machine. If you put on too much clothes the drum will not be able to rotate properly and it may not work one hundred percent. If we fill the machine with small garments, it can also affect the balance of the drum, so it is positive to mix clothes of different sizes, introducing, for example, a towel. The same is true if we only wash a huge blanket or a duvet.

It is also important that after using the washing machine we leave the drum door open, to facilitate so it dries inside. Thus, we will prevent moisture from accumulating, which always facilitates the appearance of bacteria. In this way we will help to eliminate the bad smell that some washing machines leave behind.

3. Check for any water leakage

If the washing machine does strange things or you think it has stopped washing as well as it used to, check for any water leaks. Leaks are usually seen quickly because they go outside and leave puddles of water, but there are times when the leak may be minor and goes unnoticed. Therefore, it is good to check the hoses. If we find an error that is easy to fix, such as a bad fit, we can fix it ourselves. If, on the other hand, we perceive something more complex, it is best to call a technician.

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