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Cleaning tricks | How to remove grease from the kitchen extractor grate: the ultimate trick

Cleaning Tips |  How to clean the grill of the cooker hood

Cleaning Tips | How to clean the grill of the cooker hood

Few places of your kitchen room accumulate more dirt and grease than the cooker hood And you may not be giving it the attention it deserves. If you normally do not clean this essential element to eliminate bad odors because you think it is difficult, here is one of the best tricks to clean your kitchen extractor hood. You will see what it is easy and simple, it won’t take long either.

How to clean grease from the extractor screen

To remove grease from the cooker hood, it is best to use degreaser, and it is that cleaning the interior of the device is as complicated as it is necessary, since it helps a lot to its correct operation.

The degreaser has to be stainless steel, so as not to damage the hood. First you have to remove the filters, then give the interior a good layer of degreaser. Then you have to let it work for a few minutes to then wipe the area with a cloth or scouring pad. It is likely that in the first pass it will not be completely clean, so you should repeat the process.

Of course, use baking soda

It is the multipurpose par excellence when cleaning the house and, in the case of the extractor hood is no exception. To clean the inside, this trick is perfect to remove even the dirt that is inside the engine. In this case, you must first heat the baking soda in a couple of pots with water. Once the water begins to boil, the extractor is turned on. Once this is done, you have to let the steam rise and get inside the appliance to clean it, leave it like that for an hour and, as it empties, you add water and bicarbonate. You will see that it begins to drop the fat from the bells.

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After about an hour he puts out the fires and protect them with absorbent paper so that they do not get stained from grease and start cleaning the extractor with a cloth. Also use a brush that has a mixture of bicarbonate and water for some areas and finish the cleaning by passing the bayeta.

Don’t forget about filters

To clean the filters you can put them in the dishwasher, but, if not, you can put them in a basin with water and degreaser for a few minutes. Then remove them and wipe the grease, which will have become soft and, in the most difficult areas, use a toothbrush.

It also cleans the outside

To give it the final look, you have to finish off the exterior. This must be done by turning off the extractor first. Then you must take a specific cleaner for stainless steel and spread it over the entire surface, taking care in the area of ​​the buttons. It is allowed to act for a few seconds and then wipe in the same direction through which the cleaner has been applied, which enhances the shine and prevents the appearance of marks.

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