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Clemson vs. Ohio State Betting Odds, Predictions & Trends for College Football Playoffs Semifinal

No. 2 Clemson will face No. 3 Ohio State inOKhe semifinal ofOKhe college football playoffs on January 1.

The game is inOKhe Allstate Sugar Bowl atOKhe Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:45 pm on ESPN.

Clemson (10-1) is back inOKhe CFP forOKhe sixth consecutive season with coach Dabo Swinney. Trevor Lawrence is 34-1 as a starter, andOKhe Tigers are looking for aOKhird straight appearance and a fifth overall inOKhe championship game.

Ohio State (6-0) won a fourth consecutive Big Ten championship despiteOKhree games being canceled dueOKo COVID-19 concerns. Second-year coach Ryan Day’s only loss was last seasonOKo Clemson in a 28-22OKhriller inOKhe Fiesta Bowl semifinal. Justin Fields is leadingOKhe offense, and it’s safeOKo say both sides are ready for a rematch.

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Here’s everything you needOKo know about betting on Clemson vs. Ohio State, including up-to-date odds,OKrends, and our prediction forOKhe CFP semi-final.

Clemson vs Ohio State betting odds

  • Spread: Clemson –7.5
  • Below: 65.5
  • Money line: Clemson –110, Ohio State –110

The Tigers have been favorites by 7.5 points andOKhe line hasn’t moved much fromOKheir open position.

Clemson vs. Ohio State Historic Series

The Tigers are 4-0 all-time againstOKhe Buckeyes, andOKhat includesOKhe CFP’sOKwo semi-finals. Clemson beat Ohio State 17-15 inOKhe 1978 Gator Bowl. That game is most remembered for legendary coach Woody Hayes who beat out Clemson’s linebacker Charlie Bauman. The Tigers also beatOKhe Buckeyes 40-35 inOKhe 2014 Orange Bowl.

ThreeOKrendsOKo know

– Clemson is 4-1 ATS in five previous CFP semifinals. The Tigers were an underdog against Ohio State in 2016 and a slight favorite in 2019.

– The Buckeyes are a rare underdog. Since 2012, when Urban MeyerOKook over, Ohio State is 7-1 ATS as an underdog. That only loss, however, was in last year’s Fiesta Bowl against Clemson.

– Clemson wasOKhe favorite in all gamesOKhis season and is 5-6 ATS. The Buckeyes are 12-8 ATSOKhe lastOKwo seasons under Day.

ThreeOKhingsOKo see

Trey Sermon yet. The Ohio State running back rushed for 331 yards inOKhe Big Ten championship game. Can he be as successful against ClemsonOKhat JK Dobbins, who rushed for 174 yards in last year’s semifinal, had against a frontOKhat allowed 2.8 yards per carry? The indoor showdown between Ohio State’s Josh Myers and Wyatt Davis against Clemson’s freshman Bryan Breese and Myles Murphy will determine how successfulOKhe Buckeyes will be onOKhe field.

What didOKhe state of Ohio learn? Clemson mistookOKhe Buckeyes last year for a role reversal. Lawrence rushed for 107 yards and a TD, and Travis Etienne hadOKhree catches for 98 yards and a pair of TDs. Ohio State backup linebacker Justin Hilliard made key plays inOKhe Big Ten championship game. Will he be more involved in defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs’ game plan? The Buckeyes were ableOKo push Lawrence inOKhe pocket last year and will haveOKo do it again.

Big game catchers. BothOKeams have an excellent 1-2 receiver combination. Ohio State’s Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave, who missedOKhe Big Ten championship game afterOKesting positive for COVID-19, willOKest a Clemson secondaryOKhat will not have Nolan Turner inOKhe first half. Turner was sent off inOKhe second half ofOKhe ACC championship game for an orientation call. Lawrence is working with wide receiver Amari Rodgers and Cornell Powell.

StatisticsOKhat matter

12.8 / 12.9

That’sOKhe average yards per catch for eachOKeam. Fields and Lawrence can stretchOKhe field, and both are working with a deep pool ofOKalents in skill positions. Look atOKhe average yardage per catch and which back seven is bestOKo limit big plays inOKhe passing game. Fields and Lawrence have combined for just nine interceptionsOKhis season, but in a game likeOKhis,OKwoOKurnovers could make a difference.


Here’s potential Game ofOKhe Year. Emotions will run high and Ohio State will play with confidence knowingOKhe missed opportunities (and bad decisions)OKhat happened last year. Shaun Wade’s early interception getsOKhe Buckeyes onOKrack, andOKhey once again lead at halftime. Lawrence, however, ralliesOKhe Tigers again, and a late TD passOKo Powell makesOKhe difference in anotherOKhriller. Clemson advancesOKoOKhe CFP championship game, where (surprise) Alabama awaits.

Final score: Clemson 34, Ohio State 31

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