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Client goes to eat at Salt Bae restaurant in London and is surprised because they charge more than $ 50,000 dollars

The customer shared a photo of the purchase receipt on social media to share their impact on the amount they charged.

Photo: LOIC VENANCE / AFP / Getty Images

The tuco chef Nusret Gökçe, better known as Salt Bae, has caused a great impact on the internet lately due to the large bills that are usually charged in his restaurants, and is that their dishes come to have exorbitant prices. The most recent scandal occurred in one of his London restaurants.

Salt Bae has restaurants in various locations around the world, such as Miami and Mykonos, and it appears to be for this reason that prices do not appear on the menu on their main website, as the rates could change depending on the location.

After a group of four people dined at the London restaurant, called Nusr-Et, and received their bill, they couldn’t believe what they were charging. All of the evening’s food and drinks, plus the 15% service charge, totaled £ 37,023.10, which is about $ 50,895.29..

Apparently the foursome who dined at the Salt Bae steakhouse ordered dishes without looking at the prices. Among the dishes they sampled was a huge Golden Tomahawk steak, which alone cost £ 850 pounds (about $ 1,168), along with a variety of sides that weren’t cheap at all, such as an £ 18 order of asparagus ( nearly $ 25), as reported in Mashed.

For dessert they placed 20 orders of various baklava that cost a total of £ 600 pounds (about $ 825). However, what really raised the total cost was the drinks. Five bottles of wine and champagne totaled £ 30,620 pounds (approximately $ 42,087).

The customer shared a photo of the purchase receipt on social media to share their impact on the amount they charged. Some Twitter users couldn’t believe the prices either, one asked if the baklava was made with gold and others seemed surprised by the cost of Red Bull.

But not everyone on Twitter sympathized with the incredulity of the diners. User @ billjohnstone16 wrote on Twitter that while steaks were expensive, anyone ordering three bottles of 20-year-old wine had no reason to complain.

There were also people who said that customers knew that the bill would be this expensive, and that they only faked their surprise.

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