Thursday, September 16

Climate change: why are weather records being broken?

  • By Fernando Duarte
  • BBC World Service

A little girl wearing a mask at a flooded street in China

Image source, Getty Images


In Zhengzhou, 624 mm of rain fell in a single day, the equivalent of almost a whole year

Weather records spiral out of control as wildfires, heat domes and flash floods wreak havoc around the world.

Scientists say that some of these extreme events have a proven link to the climate change and there is growing concern that they are becoming increasingly difficult to predict.

To say that a storm hit the Chinese city of Zhengzhou on July 19 is an understatement. In the course of a single day, 624 mm of rain fell, the equivalent of almost a whole year, causing the evacuation of 200,000 people and 33 deaths.

A week earlier, catastrophic floods in western Germany left a trail of destruction, with 177 dead and at least a hundred people missing.

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