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Close encounters between New York leaders – El Diario NY

Incoming Governor Kathy Hochul (center) during her visit to a public school in Queens. She was accompanied, among others, by Education Chancellor Meisha Porter and Queens Borough President Donovan Richards.

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We saw the incoming governor of the state, Kathy Hochul, very active this week with key meetings that herald a better future in the personal relationships of New York’s leaders. A change that is noticeable with the departure of Andrew Cuomo.

While Cuomo took two weeks to leave his office in Albany, after resigning due to the threat of impeachment by the State Assembly, Mrs. Hochul dedicated herself to shaking hands and listening to reports on the situation in the Big Apple, now that they are increasing. the contagion of coronavirus by the Delta variant that puts pressure on hospitals again.

Although it was behind closed doors, the governor met with the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio to hear out loud the challenges of the city and that we hope she will help to face when she assumes power on August 26.

It was never a secret that Cuomo and De Blasio did not enjoy mutual affection, even De Blasio joined the statement of President Joe Biden calling for the resignation of Governor Cuomo when the report of the prosecutor Letitia James confirmed the accusations of at least 11 women for sexual harassment that Cuomo still rejects.

But returning to the city we are happy to see who will be the first governor of the State walking through the streets of the city and talking with its leaders about the bad situation left by the pandemic.

In addition, in Queens schools he witnessed preparations for the safe return to face-to-face classes in the classrooms, after more than 18 months of mid-march studies online and amid the debate about safety for students and teachers.

And after that visit, the version that runs in the media about the possibility that it is a leader of the Big Apple who is among the range of candidates to occupy the second position of the state, as vice governor, sounds interesting.

It is speculated in the political lies that even part of that lightning journey of the lady governor through the city included the talk with Jumaane Williams about the possibility of being the second in command in Albany. We like the idea because a New Yorker in that position could serve to defend the interests of the city before the State, something very necessary in these moments that the Big Apple struggles to recover its economy and the vitality that we all long for in terms of tourism and tourism. business world here in the capital of the world.

Sofia Villa is Producer Writer Univision NY. This column was prepared in a personal capacity by the author and their opinions do not represent Univision Communications Inc.

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