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Cloud migration a priority for many organizations

cloud migration

Hybrid cloud remains the preferred deployment model, as it was in 2020. However, this year the gap between hybrid cloud and private cloud is considerably wider.

This is highlighted in the sixth annual survey on the use of the Denodo cloud. Where it stands out that the rapid growth of the adoption of the cloud is maintained: 54% declare that it is at an intermediate or advanced level in terms of its use.

“Organizations continue to express the need for real-time data, so it’s no wonder that its availability is not only desirable, but essential if they want to become data-driven enterprises,” said Ravi Shankar, senior vice president and Denodo CMO.

Cloud Migration

Business transformation through cloud migration has become a priority for many organizations as they grapple with global supply chain issues, cybersecurity threats, and geopolitical instability.

In this sense, organizations of all sizes and vertical markets turn to it to ensure their resilience and flexibility in the face of these challenges. On this, the Data Warehouses, the Data Lakes and the Lake Houses played an important role in 2021.

Regarding whether organizations are data-driven, 79% cite the complexity of its integration, its accessibility and the adaptation to different formats as the main barrier. As a second obstacle, they mention the lack of skills and analytical tools to convert raw data into information (62%).

Cloud migration has become a priority for many organizations

In addition, data scientists also struggled: They spend more time accessing and preparing data than analyzing it, and 44% are unable to find and analyze half or more of their data after adopting cloud technologies. Finally, only 17% claim to take advantage of 75% or more of their data.

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IT Managers

The role of IT managers in this modernization journey to the cloud has also changed. In 2020, the focus for tech professionals was simply to choose the right cloud provider and manage the migration.

But in 2021, these IT teams are more focused on receiving the training necessary to take their organization’s cloud systems to the next level (according to 31.3% of respondents), although other activities such as selection remain important. of the cloud provider and the migration plan.

Companies use the cloud for a variety of use cases: the most popular are reporting and dashboarding, as well as self-service business intelligence and ad hoc analytics; However, organizations anticipate a shift to data virtualization, data preparation, data quality, and the combination of all of these in the future.

These use cases are a clear reflection of where many organizations are on their cloud journeys. First, they show the fact that business stakeholders within organizations are poised to make better use of their data, and second, it indicates that organizations are now looking to maximize their cloud systems with cloud-based repositories. the cloud that are consistent.

cloud providers

When it comes to choosing cloud providers, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) continue to dominate the market by a wide margin; But this year, AWS (44.6%) has overtaken Azure (26.2%) with a substantial lead, after Azure led AWS for two years in a row.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was the third most popular option (8%). On the other hand, Alibaba went from 1.4% in 2021 to 3.6% in 2022.

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