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Cloud services to solve complex IT problems

Why cloud services are a simple and reliable way to solve complex IT problems. But you need to start not from the cloud, but “above the cloud”: business goals and objectives, development and transformation.

The modern IT leader is constantly looking for solutions to complex and controversial problems. He needs to find a balance between external factors, in particular, import substitution, sanctions, and logistics: an exponentially growing volume of workloads, the need for the most secure and flexible implementation of remote work.

Balancing the choice of solutions and resources is also important in developing the organization’s overall technology strategy, management processes, and interaction with other departments and business leaders.

The role of the CIO

The CIO performs the following daily tasks:

  • Technical support for company employees, information systems for internal needs (ERP, CRM, BI, mail, corporate portal, telephone system, etc.), as well as networks and data centers for internal information services.
  • Improvement of current information services and development of new ones.
  • Ensure the relationship between the strategic objectives of the company and the IT development directions.
  • Ensuring the required level of support for key business processes.
  • Increase the benefits of investments in the development of the company’s information technologies.

At the same time, there are always tasks with a narrower profile. For example, testing DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) plans or providing geographic redundancy for information services. But given the consequences of the pandemic and the events of February 2022, the main priority for today is the digital transformation of the company.

Not all IT managers accept this wording, but digitization inevitably changes the usual priorities, raises complex full automation and the need to measure the effectiveness of the changes and, indeed, the work of IT departments.

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cloud services

There are two key metrics that help most IT departments assess the effectiveness of digital transformation: Why are cloud services an easy and reliable way to solve complex IT problems?

The total number of requests is growing much faster. Remote work, new applications, updates, etc. More queries and requests are raised, and incidences also increase, but not in proportion to the number of requests.

Why are cloud services an easy and reliable way to solve complex IT problems?

It follows that it is necessary to constantly work on reducing unit costs per workplace, which does not mean a decrease in the cost of services used by each employee. On the contrary, due to the development of technology, the cost of the necessary equipment may reasonably increase, but given the new service automation capabilities, the costs of the IT department may decrease.

For example, a system administrator can support more than 2,000 jobs, and cloud technologies in combination, for example, with RDS/VDI (Remote Desktop Services/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) services, help solve these problems. as efficiently as possible and improve the key.

And also make these solutions more flexible and dynamic. And of course, most companies choose the evolutionary path of development: from hybrid solution scenarios to building elastic multi-cloud infrastructures. From the side of the client and the end corporate consumer of IT services, the situation seems much simpler.

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