Among the forces of evil that Gaarder accused of planting thoughts in the brains of citizens using radiation weapons – among other things – are the Jesuits, the Order of Malta, the pharmaceutical industry and the Norwegian authorities. The super league would almost certainly have been the next candidate. The newspaper edited by the disappeared denier will know how to amend that inexcusable absence in those who attend to the presence and dialogue with aliens and Holocaust revisionism. The only precaution necessary is not to disperse threats, so I will provide a possible line of argument to keep the fight alive. The coronavirus, which does not exist, has been created by Vatican-encouraged alien Jesuits who hold senior officials in the West Wing of the White House and, in their spare time, speculate on the London Stock Exchange. The objective of his efforts is to convince us that Hitler died after having murdered six million Jews, gypsies and communists, when it is evident that he lives in Las Vegas and his victims did not exceed five and a half million. In order to combat these threats, the only way out is to destroy all the vaccines, ruining the pharmaceutical companies. And so we only have to defeat the enemy of the Order of Malta.