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COFRADE GASTRONOMY: Terraces where you can have a drink and not miss a single step of Holy Week in Extremadura

Entrepreneurs will have to remove their terraces before the processions. / TODAY

Ten places to savor each bite while we contemplate some of the most important processions in the region

After two long years without Holy Week, it can already be felt in the streets: posters, the smell of incense and the spirit of the brotherhood flood the towns and cities of Extremadura. En Salsa has selected several establishments to savor each bite without missing some of the most important processions in the region, such as those of
Trujillo, which have the recognition of Festival of Regional Tourist Interest. Meseguera is a brasserie restaurant located in the Plaza Mayor. A few meters away the Good Friday procession passes. It is a new place, although rustic in style, and very cosy. They make good charcoal-grilled meats but, for those who don’t want to eat meat, they have other delicacies such as mushroom stew, artichokes with cod brandade or red prawn carpaccio.

In the capital of Valle del Jerte,
Plasencia, the beauty and history of its streets and squares converge, with the tradition of its Holy Week, which runs largely through the monumental center. In the Plaza Mayor it is possible to try one of the most characteristic tapas in the city: the ‘popcorn’ from the El Español bar. In addition, its upper dining room offers good views of the entire square.

On the other hand, in the Plaza de San Esteban you can find Tentempié, a gastrobar in which its bravas and pad thai stand out. However, its star dish is the retinto sirloin.

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In the
capital of Cáceres, despite the fact that the bars and restaurants will have to remove their terraces an hour before the processions, there are numerous options to see them from the window, in the heat of a delicious meal. In the Plaza Mayor is the tapas bar La Tula, whose vegetable grill arouses passions. It is also advisable to leave room to trick the eye with its ‘Iberian’ dessert.

Likewise, in the heart of Cáceres is La Estancia, which has a menu specializing in gluten-free products. They have portions and a variety of toasts. If we want to change location, the Tapería Yuste, in the Plaza de San Juan, has good windows so as not to lose any detail of its Holy Week of International Tourist Interest.

Badajoz Province

Badajoz An expanded official race will be set up again in the Plaza de España with more than 800 seats in front of the Cathedral. Those who prefer to change that chair for that of a night table, have the Pepe Jerez restaurant a few meters away, which stands out for its golden cod, its meats and its exquisite noodles with free-range chicken, soy sauce and vegetables from the garden.

Tomorrow, Palm Sunday, the appointment is in Plaza Cervantes. From the terrace of the tapería Ajonegro you can contemplate the Santísimo Cristo de la Paz and Nuestra Señora de la Palma. This establishment is known for its huge and succulent tapas. The chef’s recommendations are the tuna, as well as the sirloin with black garlic.

On the other hand, in
Merida One of the restaurants that maintains its nightstands in the Plaza de España is Barbarossa. It has a very wide liquid proposal, with more than 120 references of national wines, cavas and champagnes. Don Poleo extols his sautéed artichokes and national squid in its ink with sweet American sauce.

Villanueva de la Serena It is possible to contemplate the Carrerita del Domingo de Resurreción from the terrace of Tsuna Asia Fusión, in the Plaza de España. This restaurant, whose Asian preparations will drive fans of this culture crazy, also offers its customers a privileged space: its terrace, which they call Balconada. From it it is possible to see – without crowds – the exciting race from the heights, while tasting a good piece of freshly made sushi.

More information

  • meseguera
    Plaza Mayor, 27. Trujillo. 722631530

  • The Spanish
    Plaza Mayor, 32. Plasencia. 927412110

  • Snack
    Sta. María Street, 11. Plasencia. 927417364

  • Tula
    Plaza Mayor, 40. Cáceres. 927096627

  • The Stay
    Plaza Mayor, 6. Cáceres. 927248064

  • Taperia Yuste
    Plaza de San Juan, 13. Cáceres. 927215800

  • Pepe Sherry
    Spain Square, 15. Badajoz. 677605893

  • Taperia Ajonegro
    Plaza Cervantes, 13. Badajoz. 622528616

  • Barbarossa
    Plaza of Spain, 7. Merida. 924301509

  • Tsuna Asian Fusion
    Plaza of Spain, 2. Villanueva de la Serena. 611047389

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