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Colbert on Chris Wallace’s move to CNN: ‘Here goes the last bit of Fox News credibility’ | Late night TV overview

Stephen Colbert

“It has been a crazy and bewildering year,” said Stephen Colbert as he began his final week of Late Shows for 2021, a year of political chaos, a coup attempt, extreme weather events and the continued bottom-out of the right-wing media. Things have gotten so derailed at Fox, the Late Show host explained, that even Chris Wallace, one of Fox News’ veteran television journalists, announced this weekend that he would be leaving the network on CNN + after 18 years.

“It’s the end of an era, but thankfully Fox has already filled the time slot with the burning Christmas tree,” Colbert joked. Wallace, the network’s most decorated middleman, was one of the network’s few presenters willing to ask tough questions.

“There goes the last shred of credibility from Fox News,” Colbert said. “Now they have to change their motto from ‘Fair and balanced’ to ‘Horse and gun pasta! Argle Bargle! Argle Bargle! ‘”

Wallace hosted his latest episode of Fox News on Sunday this weekend, and his final guest was Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. “Wow, what a way out,” Colbert said bluntly. “That’s like being able to request anything like your last meal on death row and ask for an interview with Lindsey Graham.”

Seth meyers

On Late Night, Seth Meyers delved into a PowerPoint explaining the methods for a political coup that swept through Trumpworld in early 2021.

“They did everything they could, they left no stone unturned, they looked for every crack and crevice in our democracy that they could find,” Meyers explained of Donald Trump’s efforts to prevent the transition of power.

“Trump tried many different avenues,” he added. “He was like the guy at the grocery store around Christmas who constantly changes aisles.

“It’s so disorienting that things are so dangerous and so silly at the same time,” he continued, pointing to the “truly insane” PowerPoint. The 38-page presentation included options such as declaring a national emergency; a retired army colonel, Philip Waldron, briefed then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. several times over PowerPoint.

Trump is famous for never writing things down, but “I guess he forgot to tell his subordinates before they started sending an email on a powerpoint detailing his crimes,” Meyers said. “Even the mafia knows how to use code words. If the mob ever did a powerpoint presentation, I’d say something vague, like ‘Plan for the guys on site to do the thing.’

Trevor noah

On the Daily Show, Trevor Noah explained how California Governor Gavin Newsom plans to use the restrictive Texas abortion law as a model for gun control in the state. Under Newsom’s plan, Californians will be able to sue anyone who makes, distributes or sells assault weapons, citing supreme court rulings that have allowed Texas anti-abortion law to remain in effect.

“The idea is that because the Supreme Court is allowing this to prohibit abortion, they will also have to allow it to prohibit guns,” Noah said. But here’s the thing: The problem with this idea is that the supreme court can make whatever rules they want. If they want to repeal these gun laws, they will find a way, you know?

“The Supreme Court is like that annoying kid your mom made you play dates with,” she added, imitating a frustrated game of tag – “’tTag, I got you!’ “No, uh, I have a vest that makes me invisible.”

“America has become so divided right now,” he continued, “that at this point I think maybe some states should just… break away? And try to do your thing. Have you tried it before? What’s the worst that can happen? “

Jimmy kimmel

And in Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at an event held by Trump and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly in Orlando that drew a disappointing crowd. The event, the first of his planned “historic tour,” was played in an arena with many empty seats, reported the Sun-Sentinel.

“If the place were emptier, it would be Don Jr’s head,” Kimmel joked.

“It was disappointing, to say the least,” he joked.

Although the tickets originally sold for over $ 100, the tour eventually gave away some for free. “This happens a lot with things that Trump puts his name on,” explained Kimmel. “First they are considered valuable and then everyone realizes that they are garbage. We have seen him with his ties, his steaks, his university, his children ”.

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