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Colistas, emotionally touched and in need of a great night in Porto



Yesterday, as soon as the game ended, the Atlético players flock to the south stands where the most ardent fans of Wanda are located, but four cats remain in the area. The most spirited fans have left the stadium and there are very few people left to greet in the distance. The mattress template is left alone in that farewell. It is the summary of the disappointment in an unfortunate night for the rojiblancos, which ends with everyone doing calculations to know how the future is in the Champions League. Atlético has to beat Porto and do it by more than one goal difference compared to Milan, if the Italians also beat Liverpool. A final, but without depending on himself.

On December 7, in the middle of the bridge, Atlético will visit the O Dragao stadium with the inescapable obligation to win if they want to continue in the Champions League. The group, with Liverpool classified, is very tight thanks to Milan’s victory at the Wanda. All three, Porto, Atlético and Milan, have options to pass.

If it were necessary to render accounts from the state of mind, Atlético would have it worse than anyone, given the moral blow that occurred last night against the Italians. This is how he recognized it Jose Maria Gimenez, the Uruguayan central. «The costumes are very touched. It was a final, we had it very clear and we could not fail. It was defined by a detail, and now there is no choice but to go to win in Porto and see what happens ».

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Broken the Madrid team as soon as the match ended, the goal in the 86th minute, the disappointment because with the draw against Milan at Atlético the situation was not so distressing. Griezmann felt equally hopeless: «We had prepared one thing and the opposite came out. It didn’t work out for us. We have not won the duels, nor the second balls, we have not been attentive and from there we have started to lose the game.

Giménez was the most discouraged of all. His words reflected it without a doubt. «When you cannot win, the important thing is not to lose. Regarding his goal, I have to take the blame because I was in the mark zone. It hurts a lot because we did a great defensive job.

Simeone he does not usually dwell on defeats. Nor in the unfortunate night of Milan. “The game was hard and stuck, with a lot of effort on both sides to take advantage of the details, they hit the one they had, we didn’t with Cunha’s and the game got away.”

Without much spirit to reel off conclusions, Cholo summarized: «Defensive weakness? They are moments, the Champions does not forgive, it lets you pass if you deserve it, and we only have to look for the game that we are missing and do all the merits to pass ».

Griezmann appeals to optimism. «We have one game left, there is lifeWe have to give everything to the end, I trust the team because we can win in any stadium … We have to trust ourselves, we have talent, we will have to go to win and we can do it ».

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