Sunday, August 1

Collapse in Miami: the controversy over what to do with the land where the building that collapsed, leaving at least 97 dead

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Image source, Jason Pizzo/Twitter


This Wednesday local media published some images in which it is seen that the lot where Champlain Towers South was built is now practically clean and clear.

Four weeks after the collapse of Champlain Towers South in the town of Surfside, north of Miami Beach, which left at least 97 dead, the controversy continues over what to do with the land on which the building stood.

A few days ago, a judge approved the sale of the land where the 12-story building was located, which collapsed at dawn on June 24 for causes that are still being investigated.

Miami-Dade Judge Michael Hanzman made the decision with the aim that the victims of the collapse can be financially compensated, both those who survived and those who lost their lives.

It is estimated that the terrain could sell for more than $ 100 million to a property developer interested in building a new building. Local media assured that some companies have already shown their interest in the site.

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