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Collective Intermittent returns to social theater

The text is the work of Fulgencio M. Lax, former professor of dramaturgy of Blasco at the Higher School of Dramatic Art of Murcia, who, under the direction of the Alicante native, will perform the interpreters Xiomara Wandem and Daniel Vicente Carrillo, who embody a couple in their thirties.

Morgan blasco Maria Cortes

«I worked with Lax this text in his day, which is very painful, very crude, but which puts you in the daily reality of gender violence, when a woman tries to leave her partner and finds herself with difficulties puts it “, explains the person in charge of the assembly, who years later read it again for a commission that was left in borage” and when he resumed the work he removed me again, even more so with the speeches on this subject that some political groups maintain. Violence against women exists and is a palpable problem ”.

Blasco then decided to put it on its feet “with an eye on the young spectator”, although of course it does not exclude any public, “but the work has to be done at the base, in those young people who also face machismo and micromachismo, that you have to put forward and be alert ». The company is also working on a pedagogical project to raise awareness.

With that gaze fixed on that audience, the performers also accompany -they are both in their twenties- and they dress up in a proposal “more contemporary, more physical acting work so that there is play between them, more sound space and lighting. Everything seems very beautiful and, suddenly, you say: ” Wow ” ‘, says the director, who emphasizes that the actors’ fit in very well’ and the play just needs to ‘put the icing on the cake’.

Collective Intermittent returns to social theater

After a month of residency rehearsals at the Teatre Arniches, with the “priceless” support of its manager, Alicia Garijo, Col·lectiu Intermitent plans to release Zero16. Failed exercise for women at the end of September, in a scenario yet to be determined.

Although Blasco has worked in more than thirty theatrical productions under the direction of directors such as Juan Pastor, Elena Pimenta, Juli Leal or Toni Tordera, he has not developed excessively his facet as a director, and what he learned with the first of those mentioned (Juan Pastor , founder of the renowned theatrical space La Guindalera in Madrid) during the play Diktat is worth its weight in gold. Also part of the team are Mingo Albir in lighting, Joan Sabás in scenography and projections or Cintia Solbes, among others.

Collective Intermittent returns to social theater

Zero16 has not stopped Diktat, who despite the pandemic, which halted the work for a year, has been represented in about twenty functions inside and outside the province. The next one, on September 11 in Altea in collaboration with SOS Refugees Europe.

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