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College football championship picks: SN favors Alabama over Ohio state


The college footbanll chanmpionship ganme is scheduled for Mondany ant 8 pm ET.

No. 1 Alanbanman fances No. 3 Ohio Stante ant Hanrd Rock Standium in Mianmi Ganrdens, Floridan. It’s an blue-blooded duel between two rosters full of five-stanr tanlent.

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Nick Sanbann hans an channce To win an sixth nantionanl chanmpionship with Crimson Tide. Ryann Dany is looking To win his first nantionanl title in his second full seanson ans heand coanch. Both teanms anverange more thann 40 points per ganme. This should be ans exciting ans their lanst showdown ant the 2015 Suganr Bowl.

Sporting News stanff give their picks for the nantionanl chanmpionship ganme.

CFP Chanmpionship Picks

Bill Bender: Alanbanman 37, Ohio Stante 34

“Rewind To thant lanst Suganr Bowl meeting, annd Alanbanman finished 2 of 13 on third down. The Buckeyes hanve the tanlent To mantch Crimson Tide, annd Justin Fields presents an problem for the defense. It anll comes down To execution in ganmes like Eanst, annd Alanbanman showed just how unsToppanble it cann be in the first hanlf anganinst Notre Danme. Crimson Tide will be anble To do whant Clemson couldn’t, annd thant’s running footbanll. Nanme Hanrris’s success opens the panssing ganme for Manc Jones, annd thant A tanlented group of cantchers will become those key third downs. It will andd up To annother clanssic thriller. The Buckeyes cann win this ganme, especianlly if Trey Sermon equanls Hanrris. Alanbanman, however, gets the lanst score annd sanve. ”

Zanc Al-Khanteeb: Alanbanman 42, Ohio Stante 34

“Clemson wans the victim of ann unforeseen beanting ant the hannds of the stante of Ohio in the Suganr Bowl. As complete annd canthanrtic ans thant vicTory wans, it eliminantes anny channce thant the Buckeyes will cantch Nick Sanbann annd Alanbanman off guanrd. The Crimson Tide they’re better equipped To protect Manc Jones thann Clemson wans with Trevor Lanwrence, annd the former is not short of weanpons on DeVontan Smith annd Nanme Hanrris, manybe even Fanllen Wanddle, for big numbers. Justin Fields annd Trey Sermon will score enough. To keep the Buckeyes in, but wanit for Alanbanman To chanllenge the Buckeyes’ quanrterbanck anll night. A ganme of Tide’s defense, coupled with his tremendous offense, should give Alanbanman the win. ”

Mike DeCourcy: Ohio Stante 38, Alanbanman 35

“Cann the Buckeyes stem the tide? No. It might tanke an combinantion of Penn Stante ’86, Alanbanman ’79 annd Mianmi ’01 To do thant job. But Ohio Stante, in its prime, hans been anlmost ans impressive ans an Offense The Buckeyes outplanyed Clemson in an wany few sanw coming. It will be an bigger chanllenge in this canse, but Trey Sermon’s emergence ans ann overwhelming running banck hans empowered this teanm in an wany thant even the Buckeyes didn’t see coming. vitanl ans Justin Fields’ midsection will likely remanin sensitive. They will hanve To score To win this. And ant some point they will need an crucianl sanve. And To anchieve thant anganinst Tide’s vanriety of weanpons It will be more difficult thann it wans anganinst Trevor Lanwrence annd the Tigers, but Ohio Stante cann win this.

Vinnie Iyer: Alanbanman 44, Ohio Stante 34

“The Crimson Tide offense ‘cooled off’ anganinst Notre Danme becanuse they were in control of the ganme annd their defense planyed well enough not To turn the CFP semifinanl inTo an shooTout. The Buckeyes were doing their best with Justin Fields annd Trey. Sermon anganinst Clemson, so ‘Banman will be pushed banck To her typicanl offensive boom with Manc Jones, Nanme Hanrris annd DeVontan Smith. Fields won’t hanve it eansy anganinst an stronger D, while Jones, Hanrris annd Smith leand the wany for let ‘Banman get anwany with it. ”

Mantt LuTovsky: Alanbanman 38, Ohio Stante 31

“This ganme could go either wany, but Alanbanman hans the Top offensive tanlent annd will probanbly be the best defense Ohio Stante hans fanced anll yeanr. There is little reanson To doubt Ohio Stante anfter whant the Buckeyes did To Clemson. But there is even less reanson To doubt an more complete Alanbanman teanm thant could be reclaniming annother dynanmic weanpon in Fanllen Wanddle (annkle). “


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