Sunday, September 19

College Football Realignment Updates: Breaking News As Texas And Oklahoma Supposedly Leave Big 12

The Big 12 is slowly turning into anything but “Big” or “12” (well, 10 actually).

Chip Brown of 247Sports reported Thursday that both Oklahoma and Texas inform the conference on Monday that they will not renew when the league’s rights concessions expire in 2025, which launches the possibility of joining the SEC.

The Sooners and Longhorns are looking to join the ranks of the SEC, something that might not exactly be destined to happen. If OU and Texas run for membership, it will take a vote from the SEC for them to join. If three members vote against the teams joining, Texas and OU would be forced to find another home. That said, both schools are expected to receive the go-ahead to join the SEC.

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There’s also a question of money: Schools would owe the conference roughly $ 80 million each or more to get out of the Big 12 – a high price to pay.

The news that the two schools want to join the SEC is the latest in a massive and massive year for college football – the realignment, playoff expansion, NIL rights, and immediate transfer eligibility have shaken schools from the nation. The realignment could be the biggest development of all historical changes, as these next decisions could affect college football for decades.

Here’s the latest on the sport’s potential realignment:

College football realignment updates, news

The latest information on a few wild days (and more to come) in college football will be detailed below:

July 23th

Athletic’s Bruce Feldman reports that the remaining eight members of the Big 12 – Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU and West Virginia – have begun to draw up “contingency plans” that may lead to a merger with the Pac-12 conference.

Mike Vernon, formerly of Bleacher Report, reports that Kansas and the state of Iowa have started talking to the Big Ten conference, potentially looking at a jump from the Big 12.

247 reports from Chip Brown from Sports that both Oklahoma and Texas are preparing to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC. There could be a vote in the coming weeks to allow (or deny) both schools to move.

– Stadium Brett McMurphy said SEC presidents held a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday and it is unknown whether schools other than Texas A&M oppose Texas and Oklahoma joining the league.

July 22

Amid the uncertainty with their conference, reports indicate that both Oklahoma and Texas are leaning toward abandoning the Big 12 conference, as both schools did not participate in a Big 12 conference call tonight.

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