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Colombia says goodbye to the Olympics with “outstanding” performance with 5 medals

Colombia won silver medals in Tokyo through Sandra Lorena Arenas, in a 20 km march.


The former president of the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), Baltazar Medina, described as “outstanding” the performance of the delegation that represented the country in the Tokyo Olympics in which four silver and one bronze medals were achieved amid the limitations of competencies and changes forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

The sports leader, who spent 12 years at the helm of the COC, justified his assessment because the Tokyo Olympics were postponed one year due to the pandemicAs a result, the majority of Colombian athletes were forced to alter their training sessions and international participation.

“Colombian athletes they overcame all the obstacles of the pandemic and they managed to win four silver and one bronze medals and Olympic diplomas. So I think that Colombia’s has been an outstanding performance, ”Medina told Efe.

Due to these conditions, he explained that the results cannot be compared with those of London 2012 -one gold, three silvers and five bronzes- and in Rio de Janeiro 2016 -three golds, two silvers and three bronzes-.

Remembered that Colombia took 147 athletes in 23 disciplines to Rio 2016 and to Tokyo there were 71 in 16 sports. The difference in the number of competitors is that Tokyo did not qualify for any team sport and Brazil did.

Silvers of Arenas and Zambrano, the most valuable

Colombia won silver medals in Tokyo through Sandra Lorena Arenas, in 20 kilometers march; Anthony Zambrano, in 400 meters; Mariana Pajón, in BMX, and Luis Javier Mosquera, in lifting weights in 67 kilograms, as well as a bronze with Carlos Mario Ramírez, in BMX, and 17 Olympic diplomas, which are given to athletes who remain between fourth and eighth place of the competencies.

“Numerically and compared to other games, one might think that these results are not as good as those of the two previous Olympics, but if we take into account all that the athletes had to change would be to ignore the achievements in Tokyo,” said Medina.

When shelling Colombia’s performance, he highlighted the silver records of Arenas and Zambrano because “in athletics the level is very high in all tests.”

As for the second place for Arenas, he valued that she competed in a test in which all go to the limit due to the “risk that exists of committing infractions that lead to disqualification.”

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