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Colombian boxer receives donation to have her house after being scammed

Colombian boxer Ingrit Valencia at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, after being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Photo: Luis Robayo / Getty Images

When the Colombian boxer Ingrit Valencia returned to the country after participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics found that he had to vacate, by decision of a judge, the house for which I had already paid an advance of 150 million pesos (about 40,000 dollars) in the city of Ibagué (center).

This Thursday, just over a month after leaving home, the bronze medalist in the flyweight of the 2016 Rio Olympics recovered part of the hope that the scammer took when he received a donation of 150 million pesos thanks to the “Helping does us good” campaign, led by the first lady of Colombia, María Juliana Ruiz.

“I know that this is a key to continue opening more paths, both in my professional and sports life. I hope to continue representing my country in the best possible way through sports and to teach more women that we have the ability to move forward in union and in solidarity ”, Valencia expressed, excited.

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The check with which the 33-year-old athlete can resume her dream was delivered, in addition to Ruiz, by the Fundación Solidaridad por Colombia; the construction companies Amarilo, Bolívar, Marval, Prodesa, Ingeurbe and Gerenciar, and the Ministry of Sports.

“It is proven that when we unite in a common cause, from the heart and when we add generosity and goodwill, the result is successful, not only for those who receive this direct benefit, but for all those around them”, said the first lady.

The boxer had bought a house that was supposedly up for auction but had actually already been sold to someone else, as she reported at the end of August after having participated in the Tokyo 2020 boxing, where she was eliminated in the flyweight quarterfinals. by the Japanese Tsukimi Namiki.

“The man who bought the house bought it legally, he has all the documents up to date and is claiming his house, because like me he also claims his rights”, The boxer then affirmed to local media.

Thus, the athlete evicted her home at the beginning of September and, despite the goodwill of the two-time Olympic BMX champion Mariana Pajón who even led a social media campaign to collect money that was not very successful, he lost everything he had fought for.

“With all the medals that I have obtained throughout the cycle from Rio 2016 to here, I had the opportunity to save to buy a house”, voiced on W Radio station in August.


On October 2, the Prosecutor’s Office detained and sent Dairo Arias Carvajal to prison, the man who apparently swindled Valencia and, as it was determined, to deceive his victims posed as an official of several entities.

Arias was charged with the crime of aggravated fraud, a charge that was not accepted.

During the raid, documents of the house were found that “through deception Arias sold to Valencia, as well as stationery from the Special Assets Society (SAE), signed bills of exchange and others without filling out”, among others.

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