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Colombian singer accused Alicia Machado of having invited her to ‘prostitute herself’

Alicia Machado.

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Alicia machado again involved in scandal, now the Colombian singer, Marbelle, accused her of having invited her to ‘prostitute herself’. Yes, in response to the statements made by the actress and businesswoman of having been a victim of xenophobia.

As we tell you, a few days ago, and through a live on Instagram, Alicia Machado claimed to have been a victim of xenophobia on the part of her colleagues from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ Colombia, where Miss Universe was participating.

The Venezuelan he was happy for having finished the program and his stay in Colombia. He appreciated the opportunity that RCN channel gave him, but claimed to have experienced violence, frustration and xenophobia. “Thank God it is a minority that should not be precisely on TV,” he said.

As long as envy and xenophobia continue to thrive in the hearts of Colombians, it is only now that you can see what they wanted to turn this show into.. Grief of others Claudia Bahamón ”, he said directly to the host of the reality show.

Bahamón did not take long to respond and assured that what Machado did not understand is that it was a cooking program and not coexistence.

But that did not stop there, the issue turned the color of a wild ant when one of her companions, the singer Marbelle, wrote the following on her Twitter account.

“He should also confess that we were not his friends because he invited us to prostitute ourselves with his friends who ‘are not drug traffickers’ ‘they are very good people'”.

‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ contacted the team that manages the career of Alicia Machado, who assured the Univision afternoon show that this is already in the hands of their lawyers.

“His representative told us that he could not comment on it, and that those claims were up to his attorneys to see how he would get them to recant“Said Tanya Charry, a reporter for said show business.

The question of many is Who started this fight? Everyone’s answer is the same: Alicia Machado, not only because of her way of acting within reality, but because she is the first to attack or denounce her former colleagues.

What Perhaps the Miss Universe was not expected, is that they responded, and less in this way. However, it is not surprising to see Alicia confronted with someone or in the middle of a controversy, especially with colleagues.

Let’s remember, for example, the fight he had in the past with William Levy, whom he accused of being a bad actor and irresponsible, when together they starred in the play ‘A Custom Lover’.


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