Sunday, October 17

Colomer describes the UK’s decision to leave the Community out of the green as “wrong”

A decision “wrong, lousy.” This is how the regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, has described the position that the United Kingdom continues to maintain with the Valencian Community by keeping it in the “amber” color of the traffic light so that British citizens can travel and after knowing that the Balearic Islands have received the ” green “the Executive Boris Johnson. For the person in charge of Turisme it is a bad decision not only for the region, but for “the set of territories that, like ours, enjoy a sufficiently correct health situation, positive “.

Colomer spoke in these terms after the meeting with representatives of the spas of the Valencian Community. He stressed that this positive epidemiological situation is the “result of the collective effort, institution and society” and that this moment has been reached “offering what I believe is a value of trust, credibility and reputation.” Added to that the Community is “probably the safest region in Spain and the entire continent“.

The Secretary of Tourism pointed out that “the British government has a way of acting” and that “for many months he has shown an erratic formulation of his approaches”, something that is not only rejected from here but the “own sector and the industry of the British intermediation is showing these days a frontal rejection to the modus operandi of the British government”. Yet he added that “It is a decision that we respect, because there is no other, but that we will continue to defend our position. ”

So, once a new update of that traffic light is known with which the United Kingdom measures where or does not recommend traveling to its citizens, the next step is to continue working and wait for a new decision on it: “we will wait for the next moment of decision where they can contemplate our reality, which has nothing to envy to the Balearic Islands, “said Colomer. This autonomous community has indeed entered the” green “zone where British citizens will be able to travel and will not have to quarantine when returning home.

Colomer was clear: “we have shown by active and passive and we have transferred, from the absolute conviction, that the mobility pattern of the British citizen in our Community does not present any difference or any element of danger with respect to behavior on an island “. Because when an Englishman goes to “our Valencian territory, especially in Costa Blanca and Benidorm, it is closely linked to the constant permanence in the territory”.

Bet on other markets

The regional secretary of Tourism also opted, in the future, not to let the dependence of a single country that emits tourists weigh down the tourism industry. “Some dates ago we launched an international promotion campaign, which will take great care of Western Europe, also distant radio markets such as China, Asia or the US”. Because “we have to avoid large dependencies, depending on a large tour operator, on a single market, on monocultures, it is not the best of the golden rules.” Colomer pointed out that “with tourism governance, which involves agreeing on many things with the sector, we are working so that in the future we do not have to regret the large dependencies as a modus operandi of our territory “.

Faced with this situation, there is a key: “the fundamental thing for us, in the Valencian code, is the rate of vaccination, it is that we have done our homework and society a great effort. And it has to have some kind of meaning and positive reading of hope”.

And as for the Imserso and the promise that it will arrive in October, Colomer was forceful. The “Spain’s government has not made the best decisions in recent times. It is a program that has two souls: the social and the maintenance of the tourist industry “and he stated that” what it has to do is review prices because in recent years it has rested on altruism and the losses of the sector and the tourist industry Valencian and the rest of Spain. This review is urgent and it is essential that it be undertaken as soon as possible. For the rest, hopefully, it will arrive in a timely manner “but also” it must be rethought to make it profitable “betting on” sustainability and quality of the offer “.

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