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Comercio de Altea subsidizes the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs with 3,000 euros

Signing of the Altea City Council agreement with ALCEA

Signing of the Altea City Council agreement with ALCEA

The Local Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Altea (ALCEA) has renewed for the third consecutive year the collaboration agreement with the Altea City Council through which the Department of Commerce subsidizes the business association with 3,000 euros “with the aim of developing the activity of promoting local commerce as tourism potential”, according to the text of the agreement.

Recently, the Councilor for Commerce, Miguel de la Hoz, and the president of ALCEA, Diego Coello, signed the agreement where, unlike in previous years, it is contemplated that the grant money will be used “for the acquisition of material health, and protection and disinfection equipment, to ensure and protect both merchants and customers, and thus create an image of trust that enhances our local business, “explained De la Hoz this week.

The mayor indicated that “normally” the municipal subsidy is granted “to strengthen the commercial structures of our municipality, promoting, for this, those actions that contribute to improving economic growth and competitiveness, making them an important element of the municipality of Altea as a tourist destination ”. However, “due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the health crisis, the Department of Commerce considers it convenient that this year the economic contribution of this agreement to promote the sector was destined to the acquisition of PPE’s by the merchants association ”. In this sense, the president of ALCEA indicated that when the confinement was decreed in March “Councilor De la Hoz called us to see how we could collaborate together to help local businesses. We told him that the acquisition of EPI’s was urgent for when we reopened the shops, and we asked him to study with the municipal technicians the possibility of exceptionally allocating this year’s municipal subsidy to the purchase of sanitary material and equipment to fight against the health crisis that we are experiencing ”, because normally said subsidy is intended“ to strengthen and reinforce the commercial and tourist structures of Altea, creating a homogeneous image of the city’s commerce so that the consumer, citizen and visitor, becomes aware of commerce as integrating element of a modern municipality ”.

Common objectives

Miguel de la Hoz stated that “both the City Council and ALCEA have common objectives. Therefore, a close collaboration is necessary to allow the development of the activity to promote local trade as a tourism potential. For this, both entities believe that the appropriate tool that harmonizes the different administrative competences with the wishes of the agents involved in the commercial phenomenon, is a model of agreement that allows the development of a set of consensual actions with promotional actions and tourism revitalization of local commerce in the municipality of Altea ”.

On the other hand, Diego Coello indicated that “after learning at the end of April that the municipal grant was exceptionally this year to acquire PPE’sWe got in touch with local suppliers and got them to provide us with the necessary material for our associates at a cost price or at a very low price, with the addition that we could pay them in installments. We advance money from our own funds, and on May 11, with the start of Phase 1 of the de-escalation, our associated businesses were able to open their establishments with complete peace of mind, offering the security of protection against the COVID-19 coronavirus that corresponds to the customers and workers. In this action, we distributed 500 face masks, 700 KN95 masks, 1,400 nitrile sensitive gloves, one hundred separating adhesive tapes for the floor, and 275 liters of hydro-alcoholic gel in 5-liter and 500-cubic-centimeter containers with dispenser, thanks to the grant. municipal this year ”.

Finally, the Councilor for Commerce stressed that the agreement with ALCEA “also includes their collaboration in updating information on commercial aspects of Altea, as well as promoting the development of strategies that enhance the competitiveness and consolidation of local commercial SMEs such as tourist incentive in a consensual manner with the Altea City Council’s Department of Commerce ”.

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