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Commerce expects Black Friday to boost business by 40%

One of the hundreds of shops in Alicante that offers discounts for Black Friday, yesterday.  |  PILAR CORTÉS

One of the hundreds of shops in Alicante that offers discounts for Black Friday, yesterday. | PILAR CORTÉS

A business increase of up to 40%. These are the prospects for small businesses Facing the Black Friday, the day that opens the Christmas shopping season with discounts of up to 70%. This year, Black Friday is November 27, but most establishments already have offers: this shopping day imported from the United States lasts almost the whole month until it is linked to the Christmas campaign. This year of plummeting business activity due to the pandemic, with the sector losing between 40% and 90% (textile) in its turnover, Black Friday comes with good prospects and as a marketing strategy for some historical sales. The province’s small and medium-sized business association (Facpyme) foresees that online sales will pull the business, hence the rise of digital tools such as whatsapp business that allows you to instantly send offers to customers.

The secretary general of the trade federation, Francisco Rovira, highlights the efforts of small entrepreneurs who have accelerated the digitization of their businesses to try not to lose more market share “thanks to disruptive measures, which are out of the ordinary” . For example, marketplace platforms, that is, online marketplaces that become the main type of multichannel e-commerce. According to the forecasts made by this employer’s association, a slight recovery is expected, around 15%, of the sales of textiles and personal equipment, which drag a business drop of 90% due to the lack of social life derived from the restrictions of the pandemic, while on the opposite side the business in household equipment, food and articles that have to do with technology, computers, tablets and peripherals is expected to skyrocket, with sales increase of over 50%. In the information technology sector, the business will continue with the aggressive offers on Cyber ​​Monday, Monday, November 30.

The president of the employer’s association, Antonio Sáez, also said that people want to buy and that a good Black Friday campaign is expected. During the presentation, yesterday in Alicante, of the regional campaign “A future less Black”, promoted by the Confederation of Commerce of the Community (Confecomerç) and the Superior Council of Chambers to give away 15,000 euros in vouchers to customers who spend a minimum of 10 euros in local commerce, Sáez recalled that small businesses account for 13% of regional GDP, provide 210,000 jobs and represent 1,200,000 million of business volume. He also recalled that in the province there are 25,000 small businesses and more than 60,000 throughout the Community, for which he asked the Generalitat to rectify the Budget for 2021, in which it increases only with 0.8% the money for one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Juan Riera, highlighted yesterday that local commerce is especially suffering the effects of the pandemic, “together with restaurants and hotels, it is the sector most affected.” Vicente Armengol, president of the Corazón de Alicante association, believes that Black Friday can partially reverse the drop in sales as the start of the Christmas campaign, which Vanessa Cárdenas, president of the Merchants Collective trusts, as an oxygen balloon .

For her part, the Councilor for Commerce, Lidia López (PP), also stressed that local commerce is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic and assured that the City Council will continue to promote it.

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