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Commercial premises grow in the center of Mérida

The owner of the Arezzo store, on Félix Valverde Lillo street, attends to a client. / JM ROMERO

The City Council has authorized 110 opening licenses in the city so far this year

Mérida revives with the opening of new commercial premises, especially in the downtown area. Mainly there are openings of small businesses and franchises, since they are the most successful establishments. By type of business, the one that opens the most is the women’s clothing store.

One fact certifies this reality. So far this year, the City Council of the capital of Extremadura has already issued 110 opening licenses for commercial establishments that are scattered throughout the city, according to the information requested by this newspaper.

According to Patricia Llanos, president of the Mérida Merchants Association, she explains that Santa Eulalia and Félix Valverde Lillo streets are in constant commercial movement, both positively and negatively, which also has its facet in this aspect.

Patricia Llanos President of the Merchants Association«We are a good place to open businesses and franchises»

“There have been months in which two stores have been closed and four establishments have been opened,” Llanos explains to HOY. “Small businesses have to pay a lot of taxes and now energy savings have been added to us, we have many things against us,” he lamented.

In spite of everything, he sees the city as a good commercial space in which new stores can be opened. “Merida is a good place to open small businesses and franchises,” he says.

Llanos explains that the recently opened Félix Valverde Lillo Boulevard is becoming a very good area for business. That is, the pedestrianization project of this great central thoroughfare is considered positive.

«There are commercial establishments that were in another part of the city and have decided to move to this road because of the opportunities it offers.


In addition, there are premises that have already been rented for the opening of new stores,” he says. The objective is to consolidate these streets and other roads that are adjacent to them as the main commercial area of ​​the city.

Arezzo, a clothing store for women between the ages of 30 and 70, has been open since last June. It is one of the last businesses to open in the capital of Merida. Its owner, Jacinta Palomino, wanted to open this store before the pandemic and this year her dream has come true.

He decided to open his business in Valverde Lillo because of the large volume of people who walk there. “I saw an opportunity when I saw that it was going to become a great commercial street, so I decided to open it here,” explains Palomino.

As there are no cars circulating on this road, he has noticed more passers-by, so this has benefited him so that more customers enter his premises. However, Palomino believes that small businesses in Mérida are not very successful.

“There should be more stores open so that the people of Mérida do not go outside to go shopping,” he adds. In addition, he concludes that the capital of Extremadura “should not only be promoted as a tourist attraction, but also as a commercial one.”

For his part, Jiawang Chen opened a store on April 11 focused on accessories for mobile phones in the middle of Santa Eulalia street. One of the main advantages for this establishment is its location. “A lot of people pass through this street and I saw it as a good opportunity to open my shop,” says the owner.

Although it has not started as he wanted, little by little his establishment is welcoming more people who walk along this street and decide to go in to see what he has in his store.

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