Tuesday, May 18

Commission to reindustrialize Nissan receives 17 proposals from 13 companies

Exterior of the Nissan factory in the Zona Franca de Barcelona

Exterior of the Nissan factory in the Zona Franca de Barcelona

The commission that works on the reindustrialization of the Nissan in Barcelona has received a total of 17 proposals out of 13 Business interested in the land occupied by the Japanese multinational in the Free Zone of Barcelona, in Montcada i Reixac and in Sant Andreu de la Barca.

This is the number of projects received after the deadline for the presentation by potential investors of letters of intent on March 31, this commission, made up of the Government, the Generalitat, Nissan and union representatives, has announced in a statement.

Most of the projects presented at the meeting are focused on exploring the possibility of assembling electric vehicles and the creation of an electromobility “hub” made up of several companies, as was already stated in the last meeting of the commission, which maintains the confidentiality of the identity of the companies interested in establishing themselves on Nissan’s land.

Already at that meeting, held on March 18, it was announced that 35 projects had been received to occupy the plants that Nissan will close at the end of the year, although of those only 17 had presented a letter of intent that gave guarantees of their formality.

At this Thursday’s meeting, the consulting firm KPMG, which acts as the commission’s technical assistant, shared an updated list of projects received.

All the promoters of the projects have received the sales notebook with the information on the factories and equipment, and the possible lines of help and financing, after signing the confidentiality agreements.

New proposals are not ruled out

Both the commission and KPMG “They do not rule out the possibility of an increase in the number of proposals interested in the industrial assets that Nissan has in Catalonia and have shown their flexibility to manage in the next few dates new possible expressions of interest from potential investors “, adds the statement of the reindustralization commission, which will meet again on May 4.

During the meeting, which was held online, the Secretary General for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, Raül White, has pointed out that “positive progress is made” and that “we must continue working on the consolidation of the projects presented and on attracting new projects that guarantee maximum direct and indirect employment.”

For her part, the General Director of Industry of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Matilde Villarroya, stressed that “all the necessary efforts will continue to be made to recover the productive fabric that has been so affected by the crisis in the automotive sector.”

Only the chosen ones will enter the negotiation phase

After an initial evaluation of the proposals and the request for additional information, if necessary, as of June 1, the committee will select the projects that meet the requirements and during the month of July, the selected investors must submit their binding offers.

Thereafter, this commission will a selection of projects and only the chosen ones will enter the negotiation phase with all the members of the table.

Specifically, from August 1 to September 30, Nissan will be negotiating with the selected companies on their assets, as well as discussions on working conditions with the unions.

The idea is that there is enough time to make a decision before the end of Nissan’s activity, on December 31st.


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