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Compadre de Vicente Fernández assures that the family lied about the date of his death

The death of Vicente Fernandez continues to give something to talk about, because despite the fact that it was the family itself who released the unfortunate news through social networks, now there are those who are questioning the date on which the singer would have left this world.

According to the published statement, the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ died “on Sunday, December 12 at 6:15 am”, in the city of Guadalajara, after being hospitalized for four months.

But nevertheless, Gustavo Alvite, who was a friend and compadre of the ranchero singer, gave details that have attracted much attention, as he confessed his anger at the “sensationalism” with which the family managed Vicente’s last days, presumably so that he would “make a bigger impact.”

“I am telling you this: Sunday night, December 12, ‘official’ date of my friend’s death for more than 50 years, Vicente Fernández Gómez. And yes, I have many things to talk about that story, ”says a part of the publication that he shared on his Facebook account along with a photograph in which he appears with Vicente Fernández.

In addition, it seems too “coincidental” with the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, of which the icon of regional music was a faithful believer.

“The theatricality and sensationalism with which the family handles the situation to the extent of lying on the date so that it ‘has more impact’, it ‘hits’ me in the spirit”

Gustavo Alvite

Then explain the reasons why Don Chente would not have accepted that his family lied about it: “Some years ago he no longer made decisions due to the serious health problems that forced him to retire with dignity.”

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Alvite also recounted in his post his experience as a friend of the Fernández patriarch, in addition, he addressed how he avoided so many interviews and how difficult it was to face the fact.

“About two months ago The woman who published an unauthorized biography of Vicente Fernández called me to tell her what I knew about Vicente. Just like that, without telling me how he had gotten my cell phone, as if it were an obligation. I knew about her and her books, all about the scandal of various political and artistic characters, “he explained.

“Believe it or not, my modest but clean origin and my conviction for respect for others learned in a radio booth for 54 years, starting with respect for a microphone force me to keep my scruples as the only thing that will accompany you when you leave the port. Of course, I refused. And he got angry ”, added the announcer in a further paragraph.

As if that were not enough, he took the opportunity to accuse the Fernández family of having isolated the singer for years:

“They ordered Juan José, his assistant, not to pass it on to me on his cell phone. They isolated him. They decided from then on for him. We no longer communicate. My friends told me ‘go get it!’ Never went. He had already had an altercation with Gerardo, his son, and there was no need for another, “he revealed.

Finally, Gustavo Alvite said goodbye to his friend Vicente Fernández and returned to point out the alleged falsehood in which his family handled the situation: “You deserved to leave as you lived, honoring Miguel de Unamuno’s phrase: ‘Nothing less than a whole man’. May God have you in his peace, dear friend.

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Vicente Fernández and his compadre, Gustavo Alvite (GUSTAVO ALVITE MARTÍNEZ / FACEBOOK)

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