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Complaints about long lines in the sun for vaccination in the El Toscar pavilion

Queues turning around at the El Toscar pavilion this morning for vaccination

Queues turning around at the El Toscar pavilion this morning for vaccination
J. A.

The second day of the vaccination in the El Toscar pavilion is causing problems, as reported by the fathers and mothers who have accompanied their children to the inoculation against the virus. From Tuesday to Thursday it is expected that about ten thousand people will be inoculated (the first day, yesterday, there were only 300 cited). The problem is that the queue that has formed, not only of young people to be vaccinated, but from their parents who accompany them because in many cases they are minors, it is growing without stopping and it is carried out in the sun. The Popular Party has also received complaints from many users and has blamed “poor organization” both on the City Council of Elche and the Ministry of Health.

Some users have stated that, despite the efforts of the toilets to speed up the work as much as possible, the pavilion is not giving more of itself. In fact, practically all the chairs that are used after the injection, for a few minutes, to confirm that the vaccinated have no reaction, are practically full. The main problem lies in the wait of between fifteen and twenty minutes in the sun in a queue that already arrives outside the facilities.

Who can take shelter under the shade of a tree while waiting for the vaccination J.A.

The pavilion has been used since this week to vaccinate to replace the Alicante Fair Institution (IFA), which closed last Wednesday after four months and saw thousands and thousands of people pass through its facilities, since more than quarter of a million doses. The difference is that IFA offers excellent covered pavilions where people, if they have had to wait, have done so under cover. In the case of the El Toscar pavilion, it is done outside.

According to users, it is not only a heat problem for children, but also for many grandparents who have gone to accompany their grandchildren because their parents could not do it for work reasons. Some have used the word “chaos” to explain what they are experiencing, without blaming the professionals, who are doing the job as quickly as possible.

Councilors visit

Last Monday, the first day of start-up of the pavilion, municipal officials visited the facilities. In a municipal statement it was assured that heCouncilors for Health and Sports visit the new vaccination center at the Toscar sports center. The mayor of Health, Mariola Galiana, recalled that “this next Thursday morning from 08:00 hours there will be an open day, as was done today Monday, for those who have not been cited or who were called but could not attend “.

“The objective of this point is to vaccinate those under 20 years of age who were vaccinated at the end of August with second doses and to give an opportunity to those who have not yet been cited or who could not attend when they were notified the first time.”

“The mass vaccination of IFA has been transferred to the Toscar sports center. Throughout the week new vaccinated will be cited. Tomorrow 4,700 people will be immunized, and on Wednesday another 4,600”, Galiana stressed. What’s more, the councilor has reminded citizens That this Thursday 9 September in the morning there will be an open house, as has been done today, Monday, for those who have not been summoned or who were called but could not attend.“They can do it every day, but the health workers ask us to, if possible, focus on that open-house date next Thursday, which is much better so that they can have the organization they need” , has highlighted the person in charge of the area.

The two councilors wanted to show their gratitude to all the health workers and the coordination team for all the work done with the vaccination these 18 months. For this reason, they have brought boxes full of covers to store the masks in four different colors: black, blue, lilac and pink. Galiana has distributed several of these gifts among those present.

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