Sunday, June 13

Compromís assumes the leadership of the opposition in the Diputación in the first face-to-face plenary session

Faced with a disappeared PSPV, it was Fullana, the sole representative of Compromís, who assumed the leadership of the opposition in front of the 14 deputies of the PP and the two of Ciudadanos. In the first place, the Valencianist denounced that the government team has modified the rules for auditing the income that the PP received from the provincial institution when the associations are asked to meet detailed requirements to justify their subsidies. As this newspaper announced, the Alicante Provincial Council has resorted to an external audit to audit the accounts from 2015 to 2018 through a contract worth 13,915 euros that has already been awarded to the company Faura Casas. The pressure that Compromís has exerted on the Court of Accounts and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office denouncing the lack of control of PP invoices worth 466,000 euros caused the government team to be forced to approve this contract by alleging the lack of means of the Intervention to control the financial endowment. However, for the Valencianists, the objective was to avoid the presentation of the invoices paid by the Popular Party, with the funds transferred from the group to the party, which should be aimed at joint expenses between the group and the party. In this context and before the approval of the supporting accounts that any entity has to present to qualify for a subsidy, Fullana denounced the double criteria that is applied with the PP accounts.

The attacks went further in the debate on the partial estimate of the allegations made by Compromís to reduce the economic endowment that the coalition has to pay to accredit the expenses of the previous mandate. Now you will have to pay 850 euros, instead of 3,500. According to Fullana, “the inspection was not well done, it was just a way of putting pressure on us. This procedure is a pufo and they have brought it four years later, forced by the Court of Auditors. The Deputy for Intervention, María Gómez, defended the procedure and explained that “when things are presented as they correspond, they are estimated accordingly. I promised that this issue would go to the end and I keep it with whatever resources are needed. Sometimes external companies are used and sometimes not. ‘ Ciudadanos explained, in turn, that Compromís had not submitted the invoices for an amount of 3,500 euros, an amount that had not been justified until the opening of an allegations process. With all this controversy, Fullana had already achieved the objective that had been proposed before the plenary session: reopening latent debates and sowing doubt about the irregularities in the PP’s accounting. Mazón did not want to enter the melee and endured the pressure in most of the debate. However, Fullana did not give up in her eagerness to corner him and, finally, managed to get the president out of his nerves, who ended up ordering the valencian spokesman to turn off the buses.

The controversy further increased the revolutions in the motion in which Compromís asked that the transfuguismo be condemned and the Zaplanista symbols be removed in the Alicante Provincial Council. The PP and Ciudadanos voted against the proposal to remove from the entry to the registry of the Provincial Council the commemorative plaque of the former president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Eduardo Zaplana, investigated for the Erial case. This discussion prompted Fullana to give Mazón the book written by Francesc Arabí, «Ciudadano Zaplana. The construction of a corrupt regime ”, in which the arrival to power of Zaplana is narrated and a way of doing politics is described that ended with the indictment of the former president. “You go out,” the Valencian deputy commented to the president of the institution. Inside, there was a dedication with the words of Ovidi Montllor: “Ens vam cansar fa anys de viure dient va com va … Don’t turn the passat”.

For his part, the spokesman, Eduardo Dolón, denounced the double yardstick that the Compromís spokesman “demonstrated”, “criticizing the transgression in plenary and accusing others of skipping the plenary agreement at the same time that his party was celebrating a motion of censure in Godelleta ». According to Dolón “Fullana dresses as a champion of transparency and exemplary while hiding what his own party does.” And while the reproaches flew back and forth, a question from Fullana made its way: “When will the aid for DANA be given?”, To which Mazón snorted, showing that the tension had also returned with the presence of the plenary session.

Green light for a PSPV proposal to ease bureaucracy for municipalities

Toni Francés achieves the commitment of the government team to rethink the subsidy system

Little was said during the plenary session held yesterday in the Alicante Provincial Council on management and the problems that affect the Alicante municipalities. The exception was the proposal that the socialist group managed to approve, with an amendment from the government team, for the institution to reform the current plan for granting subsidies of the provincial institution in order to alleviate the bureaucratic burden that, according to the spokesman socialist, Toni Francés, “sometimes supposes a real suffocation for municipalities, especially those with a smaller population.”

The Socialists obtained the commitment of the government team to create a working group formed by the political groups and the technicians of the Provincial Council that are considered necessary, with the task of studying an effective proposal, in order to reduce the bureaucratic burden to municipalities in relation to the lines of subsidies and public aid, before the end of the third quarter. Francés recalled that the proposal was already made in the negotiation of the budgets and aims to rethink the subsidy system, not only to reduce obstacles and processes, but also to open the possibilities of reaching more concepts.

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