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Compromís assures that the “chaos that Ribera leaves” in Torrevieja forces an investment of 30 million euros in the department

The deputy spokesperson for Commitment in Les Corts Valencianes, Aitana Mas, has presented this Friday in Torrevieja the next regional budgets that will be approved on December 20 by the parliamentary chamber and that “will leave 44 million euros of direct investment” in the city. Mas has pointed out that the budgets “follow the path of the previous ones and contain the DNA of a government with a clear commitment to education and public health, as well as actions related to urban planning and the environment.” Together with the municipal spokesperson for Los Verdes, Israel Muñoz, He has also highlighted that, of the total to be invested, 30 million will be allocated between 2022 and 2024 to the Torrevieja health area after the reversal. Muñoz recalled that other 14 million euros are allocated to the construction of the Amanecer and Inmaculada schools, in an action that does not cease to be, in his opinion, the achievement of the work carried out by the previous municipal mandate with the Valencian Government.

Thus, between 2022 and 2024 the Consell will handle an investment of 10.3 million for a new health center in the department -probably the second of Orihuela Costa that only has a Primary Care center for 30,000 residents. For the next two years, in addition, a budget of 3 million euros has been budgeted for the reform of the Primary Care centers and 11 million for the reform of the Torrevieja Hospital. as already collected INFORMATION.ES. Regarding sanitary equipment, two items are enabled, one of 1.5 million for the Primary and 4.2 million for the hospital. The department of Torrevieja assumes the protected health population of ten municipalities, including Torrevieja, and although a good part of the investment goes to the hospital located in its term, the rest is distributed among those municipalities.

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But he has denounced the obstacles brought by the courts by Ribera Salud, the company in charge of the Torrevieja health area until this year, and has made it unpleasant that the company has not shared all the information on a staff of 1,500 workers.

We have nine months to order the entire concert reversal. The economic and organizational chaos that Ribera Salud leaves also forces a public investment that for the first time will be carried out with criteria of transparency. The concession contract not only did not hinder the implementation of control and regulation mechanisms by the Generalitat, but also did not allow the establishment of indicators that objectively evaluate the quality of the assistance provided and the adequacy of the services offered “, The Valencian deputy has pointed out.

According to Mas, the health concessional model that “left the autonomous governments of the PP has left unanticipated costs of 118 million for the public coffers and presented multiple deficiencies in the contractual relationship.” And it has ensured that the extension “would have implied paying even more for already amortized infrastructure, as stated in the report of the Generalitat that was presented to the Supreme Court, which finally ruled in favor of the public administration and against the company. that during 15 years it maintained the concert “.

Education, culture and environment

In the educational aspect, Mas has highlighted that Education will allocate almost 14 million to the CEIP Inmaculada Concepción (6,555,830 euros) and Amanecer (7,140,820 euros). Israel Muñoz in turn celebrated that next Tuesday, December 21, the Director of Educational Infrastructures of the Generalitat Valenciana will go to Torrevieja to sign the authorization to start work on the Amanecer school and subsequently visit the works of the Immaculate Conception. “The previous mandate worked intensively to reinforce and meet the needs of the city’s educational infrastructures and now these educational projects are beginning to crystallize thanks to the collaboration between Los Verdes and Compromí. For 30 years this has been a very depressed area in terms of investment in public services “, has considered Muñoz.

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The Conselleria directed by Vicent Marzà will also allocate 100,000 euros for the construction of the Museum of the Sea and Salt. The Consell’s budget projects contemplate an expenditure of 60,770 euros for the partial rehabilitation of the Salt dock and 500,000 euros for a cycle lane. pedestrian area between Los Montesinos -Torrevieja- Guardamar, parallel to the Campico highway, to join the N-332 with the CV-905 and that was already announced by the Minister of Territory, Arcadi Spain in a visit to the Vega Baja.

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