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Compromís denounces “the abandonment” of the Castle of Santa Bárbara in the middle of the tourist season

Ascent to the Castle of Santa Bárbara on foot.

Ascent to the Castle of Santa Bárbara on foot.

Commitment has issued a statement denouncing the “deplorable” status in which the accesses to the Castle of Santa Barbara in full tourist season. Councilman Compromís the Municipal Group in the city of Alicante, Rafa Mas, has called “solutions to the lack of alternatives at the entrances to the Castillo de Santa Bárbara in high season. 17 months ago, in February 2020, the Councilor for Culture, Antonio Manresa, announced shuttles to the fortress, without having started ”.

Compromís, in said note, warns that the lack of information before closure of the fortress car park, together with the fact that the elevator has been out of service for more than a year and the abandonment of alternative accesses such as the pedestrian wall, the shuttle buses would be the only alternative to go up walking in the middle of the summer period to visit this emblematic place of the city. Rafa Mas, points out that: “Not all citizens can access on foot, a authentic gymkhana, in the middle of July or August, especially elderly people or people with reduced mobility, only two parking spaces remain activated, so this service was essential to maintain visits to one of the most touristic and emblematic places in our city ”.

In this sense, Rafa Mas has indicated that he considers that “the lack of access to the Castle of Santa Bárbara and the scarce information, together with the lack of a master plan for uses, forces us to think seriously about neglect of functions of the vice mayor and head of Tourism, Mari Carmen Sánchez”.

Parking in the works of the Castle of Santa Bárbara in the middle of the tourist season.

From the coalition they also claim that “it is essential to solve once and for all the problems of the elevator that goes up to the castle and that offers an alternative to connect the center with the fortress, so it would have been desirable to coordinate from Tourism together with Culture and Transport this measure”. “We see how in tourism matters also the bipartisan has been overcome and they have not even provided an alternative to access the Castle of Santa Bárbara, the most visited monument in our city, once the necessary was done closure of the car park almost two years ago. We are not surprised at all, ”he says.

On the other hand, the spokesman for the Municipal Group, Natxo Bellido, has also spoken in this regard, stating that “we still do not have the Master Plan for the Uses of the Santa Bárbara Castle ready for this summer, which must be drawn up by the Councilor for Tourism and Deputy Mayor, where the uses and activities to be celebrated in the main heritage and cultural icon of the city should be collected ”. In this sense, Bellido affirms that “The assumption of powers of the Castles by the Vice Mayor in the area of ​​Tourism has not translated into anything. We are in the middle of the summer season and we do not know what the course is going to be. give to the management of the castles of the city. We see, as once again, the his mouth fills up talking about tourism, but they still don’t have a postcovid tourist model for the city of Alicante and the management of its most relevant cultural heritage“.

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