Thursday, October 21

Compromís puts pressure on Barcala with aid to the hospitality industry

Restrictions on hospitality due to covid

Restrictions on hospitality due to covid

Commitment press the Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, for the payment of aid to the hospitality of the Plan Resistir. “The bipartisan he still does not give explanations of when he is going to pay the aid of the Resistir plan, unlike other cities such as Elche, Alcoy or Elda that are already paying for them, and it has also not solved in the bases problems of previous calls, so it has once again left out hundreds of freelancers who have in their economic activity in the city but they are not registered here, “said the Coalition spokesperson, Natxo Bellido, after the press conference after the Governing Board, in which the spokesperson for the bipartisan, Antonio Manresa, He has not given an approximate date for the payment of aid to sectors such as the hospitality industry due to the covid crisis: “The City Council is complying with the procedures in this regard. There must be coordination between administrations. We are working hard. There are more municipalities. advanced, but we are more advanced in other matters “, Manresa has limited himself to answering when asked about it. Municipal sources have specified after the press conference that the aid is expected to be paid in the middle of this month. Last week the provisional list was known and applicants had a period of seven days to submit claims. After solving them, the final list will be made public.

From Compromís they urge the bipartisan to “give explanations about deadlines and speed up the granting of aid from the I Plan Resistir, jointly with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Provincial Council, where this City Council continues without giving answers to the deadlines to start the payment.” “We do not know if they are waiting for the Diputación de Mazón to pay or it is one more example of the ineffectiveness and slowness of the management of the right-wing bipartisan, but it is confirmed once again that late and badly is the motto of the Barcala bipartisan “, adds Bellido, who considers that it is” outrageous that the team of The government remains speechless or does not say anything minimally coherent to the question of the deadlines to start the payment of the aid. “That is why they demand that Barcala” focus on its management and send the aid to hotels and restaurants instead to dedicate his time to criticize other administrations while saving the face of his colleague Mazón who still has not resolved the economic contribution of the County Council “.

The bipartite, according to Compromís, “It has not paid attention to the requests of the affected sectors to be able to include as beneficiaries of the aid those self-employed who have economic activity here, and they pay for it in the city, but as has happened in previous calls they will be left out, and that means rejecting hundreds of applications for aid from Alicante businesses that are going through a very complicated situation “.

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