Tuesday, October 26

Compromís will abstain in the budget of PP and Cs in exchange for 7.5 million in investments

Gerard Fullana, Carlos Mazón and Javier Gutiérrez formalizing the budget pact yesterday.

Gerard Fullana, Carlos Mazón and Javier Gutiérrez formalizing the budget pact yesterday.

A month of meetings between political groups with completely polarized ideological positions has been enough to resolve differences, plan investments and seal alliances. The government team of the Diputación, made up of PP and Cs, and Compromís, in the opposition, signed yesterday an agreement on budgetary matters. The Valencian formation has achieved that a good part of its proposals are reflected in the accounts that will govern the provincial institution in 2021 and, in return, it will abstain in the plenary vote for its approval, on December 30. With three groups in favor of rowing in the same direction at a time of absolute exceptionality due to the economic, health and social crisis derived from the covid pandemic, the focus is now on the socialists, who, in the absence of new conversations with the bipartisan that holds the rod of command, they advance, for now, that there is a will to join what would be an unprecedented pact.

The complicated situation in a province whose economic engine is services and tourism, and the opportunity to join forces to agree on accounts that contribute to the long-awaited recovery, have supported the speech of the president of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón (PP), when claiming the need for dialogue. It was yesterday when it was staged that, despite the daily skirmish, the possibility of reaching pacts is real and Mazón himself, together with the spokesman for Compromís, Gerard Fullana, and that of Ciudadanos, Javier Gutiérrez, endorsed it. It is an agreement on budgetary matters that is not the first in the legislature between these formations – last year it also bore fruit – and it has not been a blank check either. It has had a specific cost. Exactly, 7.5 million in infrastructure investments, in addition to a substantial management change, at least for Oltra: the modification of the budget execution bases so that the subsidy resolution decisions are sent to the opposition itself day they are approved in the governing board. “Until now, these subsidy resolutions did not go through information commissions and the opposition did not find out until after 10 days,” Fullana said.

The socialist spokesman, Toni Francés, assured yesterday that his group continues to analyze the budgets and advanced that they will present some amendments. “An important part of what we proposed is already included. There is a clear will to agree, to do our part and to have unity, “he stressed. It is precisely that slogan, that of building bridges of collaboration in a difficult moment, which the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has been defending in recent months, although it is not at all clear that this is the line that the opposition will take. continue in the courts.

Water improvements, fire prevention and waste recycling

The 7.5 million euros that Compromís has requested include allocating 1.8 million for strategic water investments and 250,000 euros for waste collection and recycling plans. Another 900,000 euros in Roads to complete the 2018 plan that kept the Ràfol d’Almúnia bypass pending and 600,000 euros to rehabilitate municipal heritage. An item of 250,000 will also be set up for the execution of local forest fire prevention plans and the items for environmental promotion not executed in 2020 will be recovered, with 3.8 million for green areas and energy savings. The request to expand the destination of provincial cooperation funds to municipal current expenses is also incorporated.


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