Tuesday, October 19

Compromís will demand from the Government the improvement of the Alcoy-Xàtiva train

Travelers getting off the train in Alcoy.

Travelers getting off the train in Alcoy.

The senator of Compromís Carles Mulet has affirmed this Monday in Alcoy that the Valencian coalition will demand from the Government the improvement of the railway line that connects the city with Xàtiva and València. The parliamentarian, who has stressed the need for adequate infrastructures throughout the Valencian autonomous region, has insisted in a particular way on the Alcoy railway, “which has remained with the minimum services after the pandemic.”

Mulet recalled that “from the Senate Transportation Committee we presented a motion that was approved to restore these frequencies on this train line, which serves the entire region of l’Alcoià.” Furthermore, he emphasized that “we demand the improvements” of all the infrastructures in the General State Budgets, thanks to the presence in Congress of the deputy Joan Baldoví. The senator has reiterated the Government’s obligation to “dignify the regional and commuter train service” throughout the Valencian Community, and has assured that also in the Senate “we will take all the initiatives of the region so that the central government responds to requests in terms of infrastructures such as the train or the roads “.

The parliamentarian for the province of Castellón in the Upper House has also recalled the motion that he took to the Senate last week to reduce VAT on the purchase of musical instruments to 10%, a measure that, he stressed, would greatly benefit a sector that it has been seriously affected by the health crisis and is a major player in Alcoy. The measure went ahead with the support of all groups except the PSOE, which abstained.

Mulet and the autonomous deputy for Alicante and deputy spokesperson for Compromís in the Cortes Aitana Mas have presented this Monday some initiatives related to the State and Generalitat budgets for 2021. Mas has pointed out in this regard that the regional accounts “grow in the social, they are expansive and reinforce the economic sectors “. Specifically, he stated, “the Consell will allocate 398.2 million euros in territorial investments to the province of Alicante, 13% more than the previous year”. The areas that are growing the most are the Economy and the Vice Presidency and Inclusive Policies and Equality, with actions, in the latter case, such as the 500 million euros of the infrastructure plan that will allow much more progress in the new residential model.

In Alcoy specifically, Mas added, the regional budget includes specific items for the Department of Culture, Education and Sports, for the adaptation and improvement of the Calderón Theater (386,510 euros) and for the Center d’Art d’Alcoi (118,000 euros ). Likewise, from the Department of Equality about 2 million euros are allocated to the Alcoy City Council for the basic care of its neighbors, and 500,000 euros from the Department of Housing for urban regeneration actions and housing plans, among other investments.


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